HPSACS celebrates Holi with HIV-positive people



Nahan: HP State AIDS Control Society and Positive People Network (ASHAI) Poanta Sahib, organized Holi festival with ‘People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV)’. During the programme Dr Sulakshna Puri disseminated message to stop discrimination with PLHA and to extend love, support and care toward them. Dr Puri appealed to all sections of society to shed irational fears and myths & misconception related to HIV/ AIDS, as this disease doesn’t spead by touching and causal contact. During the event, PLHIV organized a cultural programme as well as made ‘Red Ribbon’with colours and flowers. Dr Sulakshna Puri, project director, distributed sweets to PLHIV. Children living with HIV/AIDS also took part in the holi celebration.

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