Economic survey pegs 6.5 per cent growth of state’s per-capita income in six digits



The Economic survey for the year 2014-15 presented in the assembly today pegged the annual growth rate at 6.5 per cent with the per capita income expected to be Rupees 1, 04,943.

Presenting the Economic survey in the House today on the eve of budget for the next year, Irrigation and Public health Minister Ms. Vidya Stokes (in absence of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh) informed the house that the economy of the state had been progressing at estimated growth rate of 6.5 per cent compared to last two years growth of 6.2 per cent each.

The Economic survey mentions that per capita rose to Rupees 1,04943 during 2014-15 from Rupees 95,582 in 2013-14 to Rupees 85,792 in 2012-13.

Himachal has emerged as a leading economy in the country and the leader in the hill area development. The state has made tremendous progress in industries, power, horticulture, agriculture and allied activities the survey mentions.

The growth of the primary sector, which includes agriculture and allied services, forestry and mining, increased at rate of 15.3 per cent, while the secondary and tertiary sectors grew by 2.6 per cent and 5.8 per cent respectively. The performance of the agriculture and allied sector has grown at 20.4 per cent. The state gross domestic products remained at 95,587 crore as industry contributed Rupees 8,094 crore while agriculture contributed 6,594 crore and construction sector contributed Rupees 6,181 crore respectively.

Out of total assessed hydel potential of 27,436 mega watt only 9.433 mega watt has been harnessed up to December 2014 by various agencies whic is 34.38 percent of the total potential.

The total fruit production declined as it recorded 6.53-lakh metric ton in 2009-10 to 8.669.61 lakh metric ton in 2010-11 with apple crop accounted for 8.92 lakh metric ton, which is about 89 percent of the total fruit production. Survey projected food productions of 16.70 lakh metric ton for the current year compared to 15.76 lakh metric ton in  2013-14  and  15.41lakh metric ton in 2012-13

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