Six die in landslide at power project site



Recong Peo: Six persons were killed and 20 others injured in a landslide at Kachsthal village near Karcham Wangto hydropower project being executed by the JP group in Kinnaur district this morning. It is also reported that a few people, mainly workers working at the site, jumped into Satluj because of fear, and have not yet been traced. Most of the victims were labourers from Nepal.

While local activists have for long been accusing the hydro-power company of triggring landslides in the area, the administration stated it was not clear whether it was weather related or due to tremor caused by blasting of rocks at the project site. Two days back eight workers were injured and one person was killed at ‘Kakstal’ project site in a similar landslide.

The CPIM has asked the government to institute a judicial enquiry into the entire incident and bring the facts to the fore. The CPIM has demanded that the compensation act that is applicable to JP employees should be applied to the workmen who have died according to which each of their families must be given not less than Rs 15 lakh as compensatory support. Further, the party has stated that since the tunnel and the power house work is on the right bank, the colonies of workmen should be shifted to the left bank of the river so that no more casualties takes place.

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