Timely action by police avoids communal tension in Nahan



Nahan: Timely intervention by police after fire broke out last night inside a temple avoided communal tension in the town this morning when news about the incident spread among people.

ASP Nahan Gurmeet Singh, who himself visited the spot after having information about the alleged fire in a prominent temple in the town, told HimVani that after properly investigating the incident the representatives of both communities were called and they were shown the spot. He said that when the temple priests or some other devotees left the temple last night they probably left burnt ‘dhoop’ on the carpet of temple, which led to fire inside the temple, tarnished an image of Ganesha and also burnt some religious books lying inside. The ASP said that the entry gate was closed and there was no chance of any mischief behind the fire.

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  1. In wonder why we are so quick to smell a 'communal' rat in every thing including routine matters that come to pass just by chance .

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