Pahari Day celebrated by Himachal Mitra



Mumbai: Himachal Mitra, a cultural magazine dedicated to the art and literature in Himachal Pradesh, held Pahari Day at Himachal Bhawan in Mumbai on November 1. A large number of Himachalis settled in Mumbai attended the function presided over by well known actor Vijay Kashyap.

Kashyap in his address laid emphasis on preserving the folk culture of the state and lauded the role being played by Himachal Mitra. Celebrated documentary maker Vivek Mohan laid emphasis on every Himachali acting as a brand ambassador for the state. The function started with flute recital by Kuldip, while Smita, Sonam and Arundhati presented folk songs followed by poems based on pahari culture by Akash and Nitin.

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  1. हिमाचली-पहाड़ी कला संस्कृति व साहित्य की अलख इसी प्रकार जलाये रखें . बधाई – हिमाचल मित्र .

  2. To all those settled in Mumbai …please contact Sh. Anoop Sethi,Ed HM, to build a database of all HPites!98206 96684.

  3. Good to see that, well i was in Mumbai for 6 years but was not aware of such organisation. but yes in Delhi we have lots of organisation doing well!

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