3,400 kg adulterated khoya seized



Shimla: Bringing true fears of large-scale adulteration in sweets being prepared during the festive season, Shimla police today seized at least 3,400 kg of khoya at the railway station. Shimla SP RM Sharma said the consignment was dispatched from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, but it is yet to be ascertained for whom it was meant. Samples of the khoya have been sent for laboratory examination in Solan.

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  1. Sales of khoya based sweets have already nosedived, and we may see further decline in sales. This would indeed be a befitting reply to the unscrupulous elements playing with the precious lives for a handful of silver.

  2. I am sorry to see people educated and intelligent going along with the waves intiated by some media managers for their self interests . If you read the news item correctly – The mentioned Khoya though seized was without the bill and there is no mention of adulteration. Here in i do not mean to say that the adulteration is not being done anywhere but then why only small traders milk man are being targeted – Apropos the news Items regarding adulteration of Ghee/Khoya ,it is highly important for a newspaper to emphasize and guide the people. All channels/papers are getting exclusive videos for the same but none of them is pointing on to the other items – duplicate gift packs available, adulterated biscuit packs, adulterated juices,etc. From fruits to vegetables, from milk to cold drinks, edible oils, from wheat atta to common dal, from spices to dishes – Almost every eatable that you buy from the market is probably adulterated. Why is it that these channels think of adulteration only on diwali and are fighting with each other to show a exclusive footage why not the whole year throughout. Is this campaign motivated? Just day before a small news item in a Hindi daily mentioned -consignment of duplicate cold drinks/juices was raided near panipat. Were the channels sleeping.Use your mind and not eat what these channels offer.

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