HKS protests shortage of trucks for apple crop



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh state committee of the Himachal Kisan Sabha (HKS) has indicted the state government, particularly the state horticulture minister, claiming that the government has failed to provide trucks for the carriage of apple produce from different parts of the state to the respective fruit markets.

“It is quite shocking that the minister leaves no stone unturned in order to create a media hype regarding the so called achievements in the horticulture sector, whereas the facts speak differently. Not only is there an acute shortage of trucks in the entire region despite the fact that this year the apple produce is nearly 1/3rd than the previous one,” it has been alleged.

“The average carriage for a box of apple from Shimla to Delhi costs nearly Rs 28.00 which is a distance of nearly 350 kilometres, whereas the same box from Kotkhai to Shimla is costing Rs 40.00 for a distance of just 60 kilometers, all under the nose of the Horticulture minister, who also hails from the same region,” it has been further alleged. The HKS has also charged the government for its unconcern towards the plight of roads in this apple belt. Even today there are areas where road connectivity has not resumed, especially in the Anni belt of Kullu district, the HKS has stated.

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  1. There must be uniformity in transportation of apples from different parts of Himachal. The distence from Shimla to Karsog is 100 Kms but the Frieght charged for a 20kg apple box is Rs44/ which is comparatively very high, again for 100 kms it comes to Rs Rs 16. But no body bothers the plight of farmers.

  2. Last time I posted a comment about Mr. Bragta, the junior Mr. B was enquiring about me from one of the founders of Himvani, accusing me of hitting below the belt. The problem is the ruling class is first to grab every opportunity of accolades but least bothered with the real issues in hand. The junior Mr. B frequents this forum and I would be glad to know his reactions now about the concerns of the farmers. A prominent leader of HKS hails from Kotkhai only and the comment above has been posted by a farmer from Karsog.

    Hope this does not falls under "hitting below the belt". I still stand by my comment on the conditions of road in the interiors which has become worse after the recent spell of heavy rains.

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