CPIM asks for cancellation of cement plant



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh state committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has asked for immediate c project at Bagheri in Solan district. The party has expressed shock as to how clearance from the forest department was sought when the project was freezed by the previous government and some officials of forest department were suspended following wrongful clearance awarded to the company.

The CPIM has accused the BJP government in the state of playing into the hands of JP group executing the project. “This is a classic case of crony capitalism”, the CPIM has stated. “All sorts of norms and law of the land are being violated or diluted for the JP management. Be it the case of hydro projects in Chamba and Kinnaur districts, cement plant in Solan and Bilaspur districts or the present issue of thermal plant, everywhere the legitimate rights and demands of the people are subjected to harsh and ruthless atrocities of police and in a case the government even restored to firing in Kinnaur. The BJP has handed over the Vivekanand trust (VMRT), Palampur to the JP group on a platter. A large number of the people had contributed to the trust and a sum of over Rs 21 crore was collected which has been transferred to JP on a single stroke. The CPIM has asked the government to come out clear with respect to the JP group of companies,” it has been alleged.
The CPIM has stated that despite the fact that the people of the area are opposed to the Bhageri thermal plant, the BJP has decided to go ahead with the process of clearance. “It is estimated that this plant will not only affect the ecology of the area it shall severely deplete the water sources of the region. Since the area adjoining the proposed plant falls in Nalagarh sub division and Punjab state, which is relatively fertile, such a loss of water will prove disastrous to the crops,” CPIM claims.
Another objection is regarding the area that is to be occupied for the plant. “The land holdings in the state have increased to more than 9 lakhs and the area that is under cultivation has gone down substantially; nearly more than 1 lakh hectare land of the state has already submerged in dams, projects, cement plants etc. hence, the CPIM has stated, it would be perilous for the people if their lands are further being taken away for such projects,” it has been stated. The CPIM has warned the government to backtrack from its effort of serving the rich and big companies like the JP.

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  1. these are the ill effects of disinvestment of of key sectors.. Govt. wants to make money & nothing else..

  2. I really doubt the corporate social resposiblity of JayPee Associates. they have bagged number of projects across Punjab i.e. road development, mohali bus stand & Himachal.

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