Apple not reaching Chandigarh wholesale market



Chandigarh: Wholesale purchasers of apple in the Chandigarh fruit market have alleged that false rumours are being spread that platforms are not being provided to apple growers at the Sector 26 mandi. Market Committee chairman Ramvir Bhatti has alleged that growers are being discouraged by vested interests not to bring their produce to the Chandigarh market. He claimed that there is no truth in the rumour and apple growers are being provided platforms as well as all other incentives that were offered to them the previous year.

The rumours are probably being spread to reap the benefit of shortfall in apple production this year. Poor rainfall and snowfall last winter have hit apple production hard. But, surprisingly farmers have been reaping good benefit as the fruit is selling at a high price.

Officials have predicted total production of around 18 million crates of 25 kilograms each as compared to last year’s 26 million crates. A 25-kilo box of superior varieties of apples like Red Chief and Super Chief have been selling at Rs 2,000-Rs.2,200 in Delhi compared to last year’s Rs 1,000 to 1,200.
Keeping these factors in view, speculation is going around expecting prices to rise further and therefore some people may be indulging in black-marketing. A large number of apple traders have also been camping in apple growing belts to procure apples

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