HP Govt may approach Delhi HC against commission at Azadpur mandi



    Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government has said it may approach the Delhi High Court against illegal commissions being charged from fruit growers of the state at Azadpur vegetable and fruit market.
    Stating this, Horticulture minister Narendra Bragta said, “Sespite an Act promulgated by the Delhi assembly which prohibits imposition of any commission on the seller, apple growers from the state are still being forced to pay commission at Azadpur market.”  The minister added he had met Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit several times on the issue and every time she assured him that commission would not be charged from apple producers.

    “The Himachal government will not wait indefinitely for action and may knock the doors of the Delhi High Court against this illegal charging of commission from horticulturists of the state,” he said.

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    1. Sheila Dixit promised but problem dint get solved. Will HC ask her for clarification for making false promise….

    2. dear sir,

      this is a serious issue. so many different types of fruits and vegetables are supplied from himachal to delhi. the delhi cm must take concrete step or else it is wise to approach delhi high court

    3. This is just nothing but political <del datetime="2009-08-09T19:31:54+00:00">tamasha</del> addressing to the core constituency by the horticulture minister. These customary statements come every year before the apple season starts. When it is an open secret that the main contributors to the elections are these fruit merchants, which govt. is going to stop this malpractice?

      This is the second term of Mr. Bragta as horticulture minister. Why hasn't he taken any concrete action till date? Better, if he would look into more pressing matters like availability of pesticides and conditions of roads in the interiors. The roads damaged during the previous year rains are still in the same condition.

    4. Old saying "Do not criticize what you cannot understand "my dear friend. You are not known to the facts. Pls also stop using the words like tamasha and also passing on judgments sitting in Delhi.If you want to know the facts of this whole issue pls meet me in person. Your help in this issue will be appreciated.On the road issue pls pick up the data of PWD and see how many roads are being made in his present term and how many roads he had made in his past tenure.Lets meet. and discuss this dude.

      • I think there is nothing to get personal about this. I do not reside in Delhi but am a farmer here in the hills. Conditions of roads is the same as they were after the previous rains and pesticides still are not available with the horticulture deptt. Things may be different in the minister's constituency but else it's the same old story!!

      • As fas as roads and connectivity is concerned, Shimla-Rohru project is the biggest and most important project I can see.

        But only God knows about the whereabouts of the Chinese Company to whom this project has been handled by the present progressive H.P. govt. I mean what is the credibility of this company, on what basis was this project handled to them. Credit goes to govt. for finding this company from nowhere. I am still struggling to figure out the whole process.

        How much commisions our guardian angel politicians are enjoying is anybody's guess.

        That said i have no issues with the construction of roads in our state.

    5. Hello Nityin and Chetan, let me tell you Nityin that both the conditions of the roads and availability of the pesticides during both the tenure have been commendable in comparison to the previous governments when Horticulture department,s performance was abysmal. Mr Bragta , an astute politician has held several parleys with Smt Shiela Dixit to highlight this commision problem, Sir once we have imposed our trust and elected our representatives we must have patience to see them performing, Calling Democracy a "Tamasha" is sheer nihilism..Pressing matters are given the top priority, isolated incidents should not be treated as facts. and yes i also breathe the same aroma of apples as you ,throughout the year. as a orchard owner i attest that i ve had no problems procuring pesticides or person,s audience whose endless efforts ( despite all odds) you call a "tamasha" have a good day and a good season..

    6. i totally agree with you sir ( ronua).. its not just constituency that mr bragta is working for but even for the small farmers who growing vegetables in solan distt or in kangra or elsewhere, he has ensured that Market Intervention scheme works on well and farmers dont have to run pillar to post, whatever falls under his ambit is being given a fresh or upgraded look and then we need to have faith in our leaders ,how far would cribbing get us , 100 Kms i guess and that too well tarred road with not a pot hole in sight ..

    7. Hello, thanks Munish but i guess my article was not published , thinking it to be a machine fault i am writing it again, the work done by the horticulture minister in two tenures is really commendable in comparison to the previous governments when its performance had become abysmal.. whether you would like to talk about the roads or the availability of pesticides Mr Bragta has done extremely well, if we see any far flung village where roads were a dream, Mr Bragta made that dream possible, i in my wisdom would call him the "Father of Connectivity of roads in himachal pradesh" and if you call it a too lavish praise then still i am unperturbed, dont treat isolated incidents as facts, once we have elected a representative we must have the patience to see him performing, and Nityin i also breathe the same aroma of apples as you, throughout the year and i again in my wisdom of a orchard owner attest bragta,s endless effort and suggest that calling "tamasha" when someone is really taking up the cudgels against the strong lobby of pot bellied arthiyas of azadpur is nothing but Nihilism which would take you, me and bragta nowhere..

    8. Dear Chetan

      Visit any village in Himachal and make common people understand records of PWD. On the way you will get to know about the condition and quality of roads. This would be the novel way to criticize what we can understand.

    9. Mr Bragta deserves better than this. When accosted with this question, he is reported to have replied that he has met the Delhi chief minister more than two dozen times and has presented the Himachal side of the story in no uncertain terms. That the HP Government is thinking of approaching the Delhi High Court, is the logical outcome of the "couldn't care less" attitude adopted by the Delhi Government. In fact, it is the Delhi state set up, under pressure from the powerful "arhtiya" lobby of Delhi, that has refrained from implementing the law. Mr Bragta has done his bit to keep this issue alive when most of the other politicians have relegated it to the backburner. Let us not criticize just for the sake of it. A rebuke won't fit the part where a pat is due.

    10. Nobody should be held responsible for the vagaries of the monsoons and incessant rains.Therefore no point in taking this issue to a political prism and involving in spewing venom at public representatives,Mr Nitin, . Please beware from passing such comments which are highly uncalled for.

      • What does BEWARE imply here?? I read a veiled threat in the tone. Is this the level what Bragta's supporters have stooped to?

        This is a post of the previous year and we all have seen what has happened this year. The neglect which had continued for the past year, the end result can be seen this year.

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