Local artistes boycott Minjer festival



Chamba: The International Minjer Festival that started at the historic Chaugan ground in Chamba has been marred by controversy as a large member of local cultural groups have decided not to perform at the event. Almost all mega cultural events being held in Himachal Pradesh, including the  Kullu Dushehra and Shimla Summer Festival, too have been facing similar  problems as artistes have been complaining that they are either ignored or  paid peanuta as compared to performers invited from other states.

Organisations like Shyam Manch, Chamba, Lok Kala Manch and Vandana Kala Manch have claimed that while individual performers are paid Rs 5,000 to 15,000 each, a troupe of 15 to 20 members is being paid just Rs 5,000. They have now appealed to the residents of Chamba not to be part of the festival to support their demand of better compensation. On the other hand, the Minjer committee claims that only Rs 5,000 is allowed to be paid per group as per the rules.

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  1. As a number of such festivals are held in various parts of the State, the matter needs to be looked into by those who matter.The ambassadors of local culture are certainly at a disadvantage compared to outside the state artistes, both in terms of money and recognition.

  2. Am i surprised? No! Am i shocked? No,again! !

    On my own initiative i too showcased my films including Malana plus others during Shimla "INT" Summer Fest in 2007.Forget any compensation a jr. HAS had the audacity to ask me for

    "sponsors' and almost stalled the show and all i did was to pay him a courtsey call with the DPRO! This efoort had borne fruit after 10 years of Mlana film completion!

    Last year despite massive follow-up with bull dog tenacity and great enthusiasm by the local MLA and the then DC(Mela committee) the so called Kullu "INT" Dussera was again devoid of Malana screening – imp since it got burnt down i Jan. 2008 !

    "GHAR KI DAAL MURGI BARAABAR" (i'm a veg !)

    So much for our so-called "INT FESTS" which even reg media doesn't care let alone Nat/Int !

    When will these frogs -of -the -well grow up ?!

    I also remember how DLO was insulted by a rock groupers who took charge of the stage and didn't let the KARYALA performers act…one even said,"What's this K A R Y A L A Y A ??

    Is the real Karyalaya(Off) listening ?? May be next time i'll get out-of-work bar dancers from Mumbai and you will have many sponsors too…let it happen on the Ridge…as it is the kind of crowd that comes will have a gala time!

    • Don't expect anything from them ………so called leaders……….they are not leaders they are dealers so try make a deal with them and if not then unite every cultural activist of H.P. against these bureaucrat and leaders(dealers).They are not concerned about Karyala they are concerned about karobaar

  3. I'm not sure but aren't we sounding narrow minded? This is a global fest and let everyone get a fare chance to perform and compete.May the best man clinch.I think we are too emotional back in hill station.If people have something different it would come out somewhere.Specially talent cannot be hidden and if their is material and substance; no minister or bureaucrat can do anything.

    I'm from Chamba and it sounded more like getting public attention and a line of news in himvani.I'm too tired with these radical thinking of no bhaiyya in Maharashtra and south Indian-north Indian…..

    just kidding chill out folks…go get some life

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