‘No amendment in Section 118 of Himachal land reforms Act’



Shimla: Reacting to criticism by the Congress Party over amendment in Section 118 of the Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act-1972, health minister Dr Rajiv Bindal and social justice and empowerment minister Sarveen Chaudhry in a joint statement said no such amendment has been made to the said Act.

They said the only decision taken by the government was with regard to issuance of Himachali certificate to those living in the state for more than 15 years or so. They said this provision was already there and Himachali certificate was being issued earlier too.

The ministers said Congress state president Kaul Singh Thakur’s allegations that Benami transactions were taking place in the state was also wrong. “So far as welfare of SCs was concerned, the present government has enhanced the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan from 9 per cent to 25 per cent besides implementing various other schemes,” they added, adding that it was due to the negligence of Scheduled Castes in Congress regime that the Chairman of the National SC Commission has scolded the state government as they failed to raise the allocation under Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan.

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  1. Outsiders should not be allowed to buy any land in HIMACHAL.This act of government will add extra burden on already scarce resources of this land locked state.

  2. outsider should not be allowed to buy the land in himachal why we are the indian and why we not purchase any land in this state this is not fare agar hum hinustani ha to hamara dash ma yeh bhadbhav kyo govt ko yeh dhara hata dani chayia is sa himachal ma devalepment hogi aur logo ko rojgar milaga sanjay bhatia ranji trophy cricket player

  3. well i agree with sanjay bhatia i have an orchad n due to climatic change its produtivity is gone less n i am used to new city life so its gud most of himachalis are outside doing jobs n suffring cause its way out their normal life style i am engg i am seeking job in himachal but no job for me plus as far as land is concernerd govt take wat it feels gud for it .. recently they allowed to build club mahindra in 100 bigha n a taj hotel also in theog on a very gud agricultural plot soooo its gud to make change now … its high time

  4. Well the act was brought by Govt when crime rate had started increasing suddenly in himachal and most of the criminals were non-himachali’s You are right Mr Sumit that every himachali wants to come back from other major cities. The qusetion is why; the answer is “for peace”. But have you ever thought if we will allow everyone to enter in himachal; there will be no peace and greenery just like delhi and other big cities. Whole himachal will become like baddi (if you have seen). And Mr ranji player! hum hindustani hain “yes we are” but let me explain what you are wanting is like selling one room of your house to the neighbor-er will you be able to live in peace?

  5. see Mr Manjul i dont think u got my point… peace is there if i am earning other cites of India.. all other ppl want (most of himachli) wants to come bck cause they lived their its their home their true identity .. n we have too goo to places like delhi pune to earn… see crime has nothing too do with it .. for eg uttranchal punjab they also sell land . they r living life which we would be living in next 20 or 30 yrs .. n abut crime i dont think u have seen himachal i am from kangra settled in shimla n theog n kothkai .. been to most part of himachal… see most of the crime which takes place doesnt even come up to media many times the r being solved in between the way ..i hope u should knw wat i mean , kullu baijnath hatkoti rampur rohru r the best examples of it .. n abut land i have land round abt 100 bighas both in kangra n theog n in best locations with tea n apple orchad … but wats the use my friend …. better to be sold who can properly use it without getting it crippled.. n lets face it .. i u r from shimla… there is been a vast majority of construstion going on in kulog in shimla (dlf or i am not sure the name but some houses r made for celebs).. i saw it i was there at my home n that place used to have a majority of tress they r being cut.. some ngo comlaint abt it then it was a bit stopped .. govt has made these just to suit things for them… n if u must be staying their then u should be knwing it …..
    peace is a big word sir …. see i had a friend frm banglore who visited shimla .. he said ppl come to mall just to soak sunlight … n thts true even in week days 🙂 n some ppl r there who work for week days n week ends just to earn 5000 per month… soo where u find peace ….. hope u get wat i mean…
    now u wanna see the truth… visit 3 places n u will find wats happening in himachal n how govt uses this for itself go to kausali not ffrom actual road but from a road from dharmpur a another road goes out from a school a frogot that but if u ask for another road u will find out
    2 go to rohru
    3 hamripur to dhumal house
    n newly in shimla those celeb houses which r still being constructed

  6. Hi Sumit thanks for sharing your views, I will be able to explain better on the matter if you share some of your personal info, because as for as I am getting you is that you are seeing short term effects of the matter instead of looking into long term disasters.
    I would have agreed with your opinions if it had been 1998, when I had just passed my 12th std examinations. But as its now 2011 and lot of things have been gone in front of my eyes the vision has been corrected to a greater extent. I will explain you a lot of things which you haven’t even dreamed, if I get a chance to meet you although I usually have a very busy schedule. As you raised me a question that I have’nt seen himachal pradesh so let me tell you some of facts about me:
    My name you know, I belong to distt bilaspur of himachal pradesh. As for as places you have mentioned, most of himachalis who work outside there native place, visit at least 5 times the places you have seen till now and let me tell you there is not a single district I have not visited before 2005 only and list is getting bigger. I have worked at manali, shimla, lahaul spiti (means stayed for long time not just seen). The word construction you are mentioning again and again I belong to the same industry, am civil engg graduate basically (from your nearby place hamirpur) and have completed 6 Projects (Project Manager of 2 out of 6) and been involved in dozens of such projects. What happens to the places nearby these projects during and after construction I think you wont be able to imagine. Those are some facts which people are not able to see from outside and some not even from inside. Further you are quoting a friend from Banglore. Let me tell you I have been there for 2 Months and how he can see the beauty of himachal pradesh when their vision about nature is blind. All these cities are hubs of crime, inflation, pollution and all the evil things. People having very less or no human values, they all are running after money. Even after such a bad situation that friend of you is loyal to his place banglore (is Criticizing Shimla) & even after being civilians of such a heavenly state; we people are saying that peace is a big word in himachal.
    I have been living in Delhi ‘the metro city’ since 2007 and in between lived in many other cities of different states also, but let me tell you my dear the main motive of their lives has remained money only.
    If some construction is going on dharampur side, then instead of praising that thing we should try to stop it. If can’t stop, then at least avoid same thing happening in your place.
    Mr Sumit I don’t disagree that himachal should be developed but why we do that by inviting all those cheaters inside. Now you will say that himachali builders are also cheaters, I agree but their cheating level is not even equivalent to 1000th part of outsiders level. And why only buildings/factories, when there are so many other means.
    I know that its very difficult to understand this until you haven’t seen the truth, but my friend, just give a deep thought before developing any kind of attitude.
    Save Himachal from becoming hell.

  7. Mr manjul
    see my friend u living n delhi cming to himachal saying its peace here …. naa .. crime is developed by mentality not by cons n alll… second i wasnt talking abt those places abt construction but how they have sold it ….. to other state ppl (govt ppl sold land to other)
    lastly dont knw abt u my friend most of ppl think like this way its gud neither i want but if govt both of them play like it its a high tide we also play like them .. u living in delhi rite n u passed out ur btech long ago u had oppertunity but now u see in himachal we dont have it last thing left go handle ur land nn most off us r used to luxurious life so thats also gone but we all wanna have dynamic life kind off chd delhi n all . see crime construction are not main things but development like other states is main aree we getting that .. no, well i think we all have our points lets just sit tight n watch wats gonna happen ….my email address is attitude.romi@gmail.com was nice talking to u my friend …..add me or give me a mail see ya

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