Students, politics and the right to dissent


By Tikender Panwar

This is with response to the ugly turn of events post 14/7 (14th July; this being the dominant style of writing these days) when a quarrel took place between ABVP and SFI activists outside the Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) campus. The quarrel took place in front of a heavy police contingent and soon turned into an incident of stone pelting in which students of both the organizations suffered  simple injuries, as the medico-legal report shows. But quite shockingly, the district administration comprising the deputy commissioner and the superintendent of police, reached the campus and even before the registration of the FIR (No.115/09) at 8.15 pm, held a press conference 45 minutes in advance i.e 7.30 pm and stating that they have booked students owing allegiance to SFI under Section 307 (attempt to murder) along with various others. Now, even a beginner or a novice in the studies of law would ridicule such a statement knowing that prior to registration of an FIR and without any medical opinion such a grave section of IPL cannot be applied.

What’s the major issue?

Converting institution of higher learning into RSS playgrounds and workshops is not new to the functioning of the BJP government anywhere in the country. But if there is a hurdle or an impediment to that, then all sort of tactics would be adopted to exterminate such a hurdle. The biggest hurdle to the recruitment of BJP-RSS cadres to the more than 230 vacant posts in the university is the Anil Wilson formula that lay more emphasis on merit and less on interview, which at times becomes a farce. This formula is under the name of former vice-chancellor of HPU who died recently and to which the then elected students union (of course led by SFI) had given its assent. It needs to be recorded that when BJP assumed power in the state and forced Prof Wilson to change the pattern of recruitment, to which he refused, he was forced to quit his post as vice chancellor or face vigilance enquiry (in HP these days this is the best instrument of coercion).

After this there was a strong agitation by the present elected students union called the SCA (Students Central Association) against the dilution of provisions of the aforesaid formula.

Why SFI is the target?

It is a fact that the profile, maturity of democratic movement in the state is quite low. The movement of peasants, workers or for that matter any other section of the society, is confined to certain pockets and areas. The only movement that has a statewide character is that of students, which does not remain confined to jus the demands of students but also lends is voice for various other struggles of the people of the state. The state also keeps a vigil to that and hence the SFI becomes its target. The best and easiest method to do so is to initiate criminal proceedings against them. Not a single leader of SFI remains without a criminal case against him/her. The present president of the SCA, who is the first elected woman president, also has half-a-dozen criminal cases to her credit.
No surprise four batches of leaders of SFI have been targeted with charges of murder by successive government and the spree continues unabated, though, they have been acquitted in almost all the cases. And now after the implementation of the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, any case with any quantum of gravity of the offence, such a victim is barred from contesting the elections. Hence, purposely now such Students who were either at their home or were in their laboratories or libraries at the time of the clash, are being targeted so that a case can be registered against them and can be debarred from contesting. Despite such tactics the SFI has been winning the elections in HPU incessantly for the last 3 decades.

How glaring are the anomalies?

Though already stated, despite the fact that similar kind of injuries and offence was allegedly committed by both the students’ organization, still they have been booked under different sections. It is not surprising that the then police officer in 2008 – SGO Boileauganj who had recovered huge cache of arms like swords, etc from the rooms that were occupied by ABVP leaders – was rewarded with suspension. One of the SFI leaders, who also happen to be the elected joint secretary of the university, was allowed to appear for his Phd. entrance exam in Punjab University, Chandigarh. Since he is in judicial custody being one of the accused in the case, he was to be taken under police custody for the examination on 19th July, 2009. But owing to his affiliation to SFI, no police guard was deputed for the job and it was only at the initiative of some of the former leaders of SFI that the escort was granted that too more than 3 hours late. (Time distance from Shimla to Chandigarh by bus is 4 hours). The exam was scheduled at 9.30 am but he was sent at 7.30 am and boarded the bus at 8 am, because of which he reached late and could not take the exam. Students have decided to make this an important issue and expose the government.

I remember recently watching a film called ‘New York’. Though the name appears quite deceptive, the movie is of a different kind where attack on the voice of a section of the people and the vociferous repulsion comes to the fore. To me the incident happening in the university is equally gory. Hence, I feel this is the duty of the sections of the democratic movement of the state to come forward to save education, university and the right to dissent.

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  1. Quite amazing Sir

    I have been living in the Summer Hill area for 30 years and have witnessed an number of quarrels and scuffles as addressed by you in and around the campus and I am very well aware of the people or student factions who have been responsible for these be it the murder cases of Nasir Khan, Kuldeep Dhatwalia, and many more……………………..I think everybody is aware of the culprits in all these cases

    • Sir, you have said that you are living in the surrounding of Summerhill area from last thirty years, and also you said that everyone knows the culprits of murders, i am not surprised that you are saying this because you you can not understand the helplessness of the students who are from poor family. As you are saying that everyone know about the culprits of murders that took place in univ. premises, then why the student community of HP Univ. always show its faith in SFI, and how SFI won All elections except the one which was won by ABVP on the back of State Govt. You should find the reason behind it. But now i want to say that the student community know better who can protect their rights. And i think it is the appropriate answer for the people like you whose work is to make attempt to attack on SFI.

      • Dear V.S Thakur,

        Elections results cannot predicts what is wrong or right ?

        Mr Panwar,

        Everybody knows…. who were behind the murders of the Vikram Dadwalia and Nasir Khan ?

        Please stop trying establishing SFI as the only student favouring outfit in HPU..

      • Mr .Thakur,

        If you think that winning elections proves your credentials then , Im really sorry for you, by that count, Laloo prasad, mayawati..etc. should be considered as National leaders.

        I guess mayawati and laloo are your tole models.

        • Mr. So, so

          Sorry for leving this name, i dont want to hurt your sentiments, but what should I do, as I am not sure if tomorrow your name will be some thing else as gita sita, mita or else, so I addressed you as so so. You are right that we should have our tole models, but you are slightly out of track, I suppose that they should be like Mr. Jaswant singh who felt pride in escorting terrorists to kandhar or like Kataria who was caught red handed while human trafficking?

  2. Mr surinder you are right that election results can not predict what is wrong or right. But it is the voice of majority that predicts in democracy, and that has been saying from last 3-4 decades that it is only and only SFI that can fight for student cause. You people talk about murder , etc which has been established by law that it is not the students framed by Successive state govt who were culprits. But let it be, shouldn't we talk about rape attempts by ABVP peoples on dalit women in dharas, or GS of ABVP backed SCA in rampur who was convicted for rape. Or the killing of Professor sabharwal in MP , these heinous crimes were the legacy of ABVP. What about the breaking of statues of Shaheed-E-Ajam Bhagat singh in Rajasthan, implicating dress code on girls student in Kanpur, above all harassing young couples on one or another occasions in name of your so called dharma.. What is this ?? Is this right or wrong? It is your these types of traditions that the student community of HPU has been denying since decades. Is this wrong?

    • About Murders let it bee…. and you are talking about misdeeds by ABVP…… (Do you remember the incidence by one of your state president who was cought on the raliway tracks in the night….. i think the hint must be enough for you to remember the whole incidence… ) You are talking about rapist and goons…. Who were the people who raped and looted poor and aam kissann in Nandigram and Kinnoorr… Were they ABVP guy or the member of your progressive student movement…..

      You are talking about election results in HPU… what have happned to you and your movement in Himachal Pradesh that your base has been sinchorinised even as Communism was fashion in the years of eithties……. why ABVP or NSUI has emerged as the biggest student forces in Himachal ? Why you bag only 40-50 seats in SCA election across the state while ABVP bags the seats from 200 to 300 ?

      • Thats the right way to defend the bravery deed comitted by your bhagwa brigade. You asked who were peoples in nandigram , i am doubt full werent they from gujrat or from some other bhagwa institute? no they were from joint nexus of Bhagwa -trinamool.What result you are talking about is ABVP stand in any world class university no not at all. In himachal hijacking SFI panel, threatening their parents with transfer etc. Filing false criminal cases to stop them from contesting elections , is this the victory??? when you are talking about himachal how can you people forget about Hamirpur , so called bhagwa garh from where the BJP backed CM belongs. Despite of use of all state machinery, what is the result do you want that I should refresh your memory. What is in Kangra where most of so called high profile bhagwas reside, should you need any more details……

        • Haaaa haaaaa…………! What a way to defend Nandigram ! My Dear dont

          get frustrated another SFI senior has joined your hands from Tamilnadu !

          haaaaaaaaaa !

          • Yes you are right. But It will be better for you to call either advani or dhumal as I think you are unable to stand , that’s why now you have started saying silly things, indeed it is your real face. It will be better to call them immediately before you reach the extreme of frustration and start doing some un natural activities.

        • Mr Rajinder,

          I suggest you got deeper into hHimalayas, refresh your mind and come out of your biased menatality. I hope you completed your (PG).COme out of that SFI student mentality. You are an inteeligent guy.Dont waste your enrgies in aleegations. Think afresh..probably you may see light…

      • My dear friend don't forgot sadhvi Pragya who was from ABVP. the peoples like these are your ideals who kills thousands of peoples by planting bombs, this is your true character. The peoples have also not forgotten the gujrat yet. I have full data regarding your organization and bravery deeds it has committed in recent past , should you want more then don't hesitate, i will provide you with whole data… Please do ask me when ever you need.

  3. Dear Sir! I am now 58 and a retired State Government Official from Tamilnadu. During my college days in the 70s I had been an activist of the SFI in Salem. I have been following its activities even after my entry into Govt service and retirement. You cannot find a student body that is more and gnuinely committed to the welfare of the student community -instillng a true and meaningful sense of disipline in the minds of its activists, educating them on the values of selfless service to the really needy ,viz.,the poor and downtrodden masses who constitute the majority of the society, inculcating in them a true scietific sense of enquiry and, above all,encouraging them to valiantly fight against all sorts of injustice in the name of caste, creed,god,etc.- true to its motto of "Study and Struggle". That is why it was possible for it to spread its sphere of influence even among those who do not subscribe to its political proclivities. And that is why it is being targeted by such hooligans who pass for students under the garb of ABVP AND ITS COHORTS! MY


    • Dear Sir,

      It is the comrades like you whose inspirations gave us courage and thoughts to fight these fascist forces. You and many others like you are our true assets on whom we feel proud.

      With revolutionary grretings…

    • with due respect to you sir, Had you thought the other could have been somebody like Mr.Naraynmurthy (Once a proponent of left ideology) You eneded up bieng a Govt servant and Mr.Murthy is creating wealth for your Generations to come…

      Might be possible that you child is working for some IT company (Capitalists)

      • My dear friend, i think it is regarded as crime in your view, if some body earns money to feed his or her family. Or in your view it is crime for leftists to do job to earn?? In your view what other altenate ways are to be followed to earn money, should they do robbery or some other odd things like some money scandals as taboot ghotala or they should they do human trafficking , for which one of Minister of Saffron affiliation kataria was charged .

        Is it a crime in your view if some one is doing job in IT firm to feed his or her family, what can i say more about the thinking which is of such a high intellectual level, you are really praise worthy my friend???

  4. @Rajinder

    So you have a one point agenda. Anyone who does not agree with you is from the Bhagwa brigade. This has been taught to you and you been crowing here like a parrot. For a person like you who does not seem to have an iota of humbleness, even if your party has been wronged but the way you have been singing here the ‘revolutionary’ ideas, you have lost every inch of goodwill you must have had with the readers. If we have revolutionaries like you, then lord save the revolution you must be dreaming day in and out. It is pretty simple with you. Any one who have dared oppose student politics has been rudely snubbed by this man. It is only Surinder who is taking up issues from ABVP point of view, rest all have decried student politics in general. This man has probably forgotten that this is democracy and every one has a point of view and right to differ. For him, it is quite simple, anyone who differs from his point of view is from a Bhagwa brigade. It may come as a surprise to him that there are people who still exists outside the purview of any political party.

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK THIS MAN IS FROM HIMACHAL UNIVERSITY, HERE IS THE CATCH. A little hack tells me he is posting from Rorkee. He is using the same IP address for his name and that of Raj Bansal. So just ignore his rants. He is one of those hired to fill posts here. Let some real student from the HPU come here for some meaningful discussions.

    And Mr. Rajinder while you were preaching to someone to do the job as his employers do not pay for him to sit on the internet, what about you???

  5. Tikender Panwar,

    You have written a one sided story and this shows you are a communist. Communist are very good to defame Sangh organization. They are doing this for last 60-70 years. Even then the power of Sangh organizations have increased many folds while Communist are taking their last breath in Bengal and Kerala. Anyway, they don't exist in any other part of India.


    • Dear. Swadesh thanks for your some what on issue comments to Mr.Tikender. You are right that we are communists?? Ya , you are right that the power of sangh has increased many folds by spreading religious poisoning in the minds of people. Attacking women for various dress codes just as Taliban is doing. By pretending to be so called Dharma rakshak they are trying to convert our democratic country in to a religious hell where no one could speak against their atrocities. Dont you know that a communist is and will be every where , where your sangh parivar will be doing atrocities??? Isn't this existence not sufficient for you.

      What existence do you people have and how you are getting, sadhvi Pragya and others are the latest examples of this???

      • Rajender,

        We can not change your sick mentality. You guys (communist) are not only sick but you guys go to any level to defame Sangh. It was Ram Sena and not Sangh organization who pulled the girls from hair. It is because of you guys that Sadhvi Pragya has to go through 2 narco tests and Kasab is enjoying Z-plus security. It is because of your sick mentality Kashmiri Pundits are suffering in their own country. You guys are hooligans and have killed so many in Nandigram…. Because of you guys Godhra happened. You guys are responsible of riots in Orissa. You guys killed so many in Nepal. Every day, your naxalist brothers are killing our police force.

        • Ya my dear friend, you are absolutely right that mentality of you people cant be changed, and if any one try to change it you people can go to any level from lynching to raping helpless women. You are right that sangh is not responsible for post godhra events. You people only raped a pregnant lady because she was a muslim and staabed open her womb to get her unborn foetus out and hanging it on your trident. That’s your bravery. You are again right about Orissa, AS Bajrang dal members openly raped Christian minorities and burnt them alive, but bajrang dal has nothing to do with sangh parivar ??? Do you want to say the same thing na ? Well said that naxalite as brothers but they seem to have more brotherhood towards you people as in west Bengal or in other part of country they are mainly targeting we leftist because they know that you people will be easily tackled with but it is very hard to pursue leftists one. If you want details how many leftists leader were killed by these your so called non parental brothers then do ask me. It looks very amazing when you people talk about police forces being killed, It is deed of sangh backed Government who played on dead body of our soldiers during kargil war. It is you people who did coffin scandal don’t you remember. For your refreshment should I remind you of your minister who escorted terrorist captured by our brave soldiers to kandhar.. and know the same terrorist is responsible for killing of thousands of our country men. Who is responsible for this ???? Should you want to know more do ask me?? But it is a welcome step on your part for you are indulging in debate on some real issues thanks for this, keep going dear..

  6. Rajender,

    You communist are so good to put all the blame on Sangh organization. Don't call it a debate. You are being paid to write against Sangh. This is called abusing and not debate. You guys are never liked even that country where you were started. You guys are biggest hypocrites and sick. You are worse than a cancer for our society. Don't compare yourself with Sangh organizations. There can not be a comparison with Right and wrong, Dharma and Adharma.

    Here are some of the links of you guys:

    • Dear friend dont be so much excited though I very well know who are you, by changing names identity doesnt changes. I was mistaken to think that you are some what progressive and will do some real debate, but am sorry you are same bhagwa dhari with nothing to debate just trying to mislead the readers, these words what you are using doesnt hurt me, because i know that when the person is in desperation he uses such types of abusing words, now when you have nothing left, you started these types of words, this is one of the example what you have been taught by your sangh . Ya I know your dharma very well, raping helpless women, planting bombs to create communal riots, doing hatred politics , killing teachers, playing with religious sentiments of people politics that is your dharma na??? Trying to establish your self the so called thekedar of dharma this is your dharma?? what you want to establish isnt it that i dont know how much your getting for posting these comments, its you people who needs different paid peoples. What about you and your organization, when you cant give the reply to questions of small man like me?? Fear that day when whole country will stood and ask you and your people the same question at that time there would be no place for you and your people to get shelter.

      You well said we are cancer for your bhagwa society because it is we who are destroying your cheap politics of spreading religious and communal poisoning in the society and let me remind you my dear that there is no cure for cancer so it will better for you and your people to stop spreading communal poisoning in society.

      • so at last you accepted that you are a cancer. I don't hide my identity. I am a proud Swayam Sewak. Why are you blaming with same examples again and again. If you will spit in the sky, it will come to your face only. I told you we can not have debate because you don't exist and I debate only of my stature and knowledge. People in the country has already awakened and because of that we are ruling in 8 major states in India. What about you? You have been thrown out of Russia and divided into so many countries. Soon, you will be pushed to sea in Bengal and Kerala too….

        • Ya right said you people debate with only the people of your stature and knowledge, and I don’t have that knowledge of how to rape, spread communal poisoning, terrorist acts, hatered politics and many more. How can I debate with you , I am so small in front of your this knowledge. Rest ruling in 8 major states, I am happy that you people have shattered your dreams of ruling whole country and now are satisfied with 8 states, which in future will be reduced to 1 or two and then your very existence. You well said that I don’t exist because it is the real face of you people that while commiting your heinous deeds you people think that every other is has no existence and no one is there to watch you people. Let it be , but remind you that these all what are written here is public and every one is judging himself. SO it will be better to pose questions and give answer instead of praising your so called knowledge.

          Regarding Russia , it is not Russia alone which consists world, the world is very big, but I am surprised that how you people comes to world politics, is your shakhas allowed any where in world??? For your kind knowledge which seems to be worth more then me, See whole of latin America, Vietnam, Italy, and many other European country and some asian country , these are all red??? Now tell about your camps???

  7. Rajender,

    Have you read your comment? You are so sick that you are writing same thing again and again and trying to put the blame of bad happening on Sangh. You guys own the media and do this for decades. But even then you have been not been able to control Sangh Sakti. Keep on spitting on me, you will lick it later. Sangh has to grow as it is Eternal like Sanatan Dharma. Regarding shakha, we have our regular shakhas in 40 countries that include North and South America, Europe, Australia, middle east etc…. You were a bad past and we are the future of world. USSR is an example of this.

  8. Then why dont you or your people reply even to a single question, because do i need to give reason again. This is height of your frustration, but i am unable to understand why you people get frustrated so early??? For your kind information the countries you are talking about doesnt allow such a communal organization, ok for a moment lets believe that these countries are allowing you people to open your shakhas, then please would you please shed some light that who were the peoples who burnt the house of christian missionaries and his two little children who were brutaly burnt in that fire ??????

    About your base i dont want to give any justification, about which 8 states you are talking about, punjab , How many seats do you have, it is Akali dal that is feeding you peoples there, In bihar it is nitish kumar who is feeding you peoples other wise your existence is shrinking at such a high rate that i fear about your very existence. Why are you afraid of giving answers to my previous questions, these will be asked again and again untill or unless you reply??? Why you people are feeling ashamed to reply when you dont feel ashamed when doing these heinous deeds.

    You are the future wat a joke , do any educated person will want the future where his sister , mothers will not be safe??? Where there will always the danger of being burnt by you people like you did in Rajasthan when Roop kanwar ( do you remember her) at tender age of 18 was forced to die sati after her husband died. And these were you people who were shouting sati mata ki jai, when she was crying for her life, but you people keep on enjoying that burning scene of a human being. Who will want this type of future??? Is this the future you people will provide for the future generation???

    • Rajender,

      First of all educate yourself about RSS by watching

      We have over 110 regular shakha in USA. Here is a link

      Why don't you read your comments. You look so confused. You are so frustrated with our growth. If there is any rape, insteas of asking Police you are asking me. So now, you started putting blame of Sati also on us. If there is any riots then you blame on us. If someone killed some christian missionaries then you guys put blame on us. Why don't you ask either Police or the people who killed this missionaries. Why don't you ask Australian government that what the hell a Austarlial christian missionary was doing in Orissa ?????? You are so hypocrite !!

      • What the hell christian missionaries are doning in Orissa ? this is your words which speaks about your character , I dont need to give any explanation ?? it is the deeds commited by you and your people , for which you people are facing questions ?? Dont run from them by levelling whole responsibility on police. Your level of frustration is genuine as you people have realized that their is no space for you people anywhere in civilized society. What are you comparing throughout the world, your tiny camps which i dont know wether have any existence or not with leftiest ruled countries of world??? Is it a some sort of joke???? I think your sangh pracharaks are the president or ministers in these foreign countries where you are claiming your existence?? Am i right??

  9. Also, Don't call yourself educated. You may be a graduate or literate. Being a bachelor or master don't certify you an educated. I have read all your comments and a kid with elementary education in my village is more literate than you. You are worse.

    • well said raj, the height of frustration of these people is well acoording to their character.
      Mr . Swadesh you are right i am not educated in course of communal poisoning, for which it seems that you might have been awarded Ph.D degree by your pracharaks. This is the education you are talking about na, my dear friend but this type of education is patented to you and your people how can any other men take this??? I am so sorry on your frustration and desperation, but dont worry my dear friennd my consolations are with you…..

      • Raj and Rajender,

        It's not you guys but even your leadership in India has nothing to say beside blaming Sangh organizations. You guys are brainwashed so badly that you are living only point agenda to defame Sangh organization. You guys even tried to defame Swami Ramdev. You commit the sins and but the blame on Sangh. Don't get frustrated, your days are numbered. Read this link to educate yourself about Sangh activities

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