Tibetan govt gets benami properties on lease



Dharamsala: Following voluntary disclosure of 73 benami properties by the Tibetan government in exile recently, the Himachal Pradesh government has decided to give these properties on lease to Tibetan Welfare Society for a period of 50 years. The Tibetan government will pay 10% of the market value of these properties to the government.

According to the income tax department only properties bought before 31 December, 2005 have been taken into consideration. Properties not finding mention in this list will not be given any such concession, the department has said.

It may be mentioned here that the income tax department had recently carried out surprise checks at several prominent Tibetan properties and had found irregularities. Following this the Tibetan government had voluntarily prepared a list of such properties and had requested the government to give them on lease.

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  1. To give and regularise such Benami properties to the Tibtians is not a good practice. Our own poor Himachalies are landless , they are not getting such properties and they in their own country are begars, why should we given benami property to foreigners.

    • okie…so now they go and grab more and pay nickels …u commit a crime and get rewarded for it ..thats for the sake of some foolish morons at the helm……

    • Sita, I like your comment, except for the last part, where you say "foreigners". These Tibetans are now integrated into India and should be treated as part of the community. What is not so good is that they are getting extra benefits that the poorer Indian locals are missing out on.

  2. Why not also give discounted land to deserving local villagers in Mcleodganj? Some of them are living below the poverty line and are landless and struggling just to survive.

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