CPIM asks govt to fight water shortage



Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh state committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has demanded immediate intervention on the part of the state government to solve water problem in the state.

The CPIM has stated that it is virtually a drought-like condition and the task should be taken at an emergency level. “There has to be a two pronged strategy to meet the challenge being faced by the state”, the CPIM has stated. The first part of the strategy must meet the daily need of drinking water for both the people and cattle in the state. “Proper supply has to be maintained and where the supply is not possible tankers should be pumped into service to do the needful. At places where the supply of water cannot be made available through the tankers water should be lifted to such villages”, it has been demanded.

“The second part of the strategy that needs to be implemented by the state government is a long-term strategy whereby rain water harvesting must be made a priority.” The CPIM has stated that the state government and the forest department should take initiative of harvesting rain water in the forests itself.

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