Tourist reception centre at Kiarighat



A tourist reception centre would come up at Kiarighat near Shimla at a cost Rs 1.60 crore under Wayside Amenities Development scheme of the tourism department. Laying the foundation stone of the centre, Chief Minister Prem Kumar DHumal said tourism infrastructure development was in progress all over the sate and various circuit and destination programmes were under implementation with a view to create quality wayside amenities for visitors.

He also laid the foundation stone of the Tourist Information Center and District Tourism Development Office Complex at Solan, estimated to cost Rs. 1.30 crore for which Rs. 4.20 crore had been sanctioned under Solan Circuit by the Government of India where wayside amenities would also be available.

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  1. This is a welcome step.

    I hope this center also help to maintain santity of Shimla;Steps like 1. Total hotel capacity and currently occupied

    2. Traffic conditions and weather Advisory.

    I do not want to see home town overcrowded.

    2.People making food roadside and throwing waste any where they want.

    3.The whole city amenities being used up by hotel walas and tourists. we as locals or in better words residents should have certain amenities which should not be compromised for the sake of tourism.

  2. These are very valid points raised by Rajesh – Entire city amenities being used by the hoteliers.

    Now where I live in Shimla, it is a residential area and there is one hotel running. As there is shortage of parking space in Shimla, entire parking space by the road side is taken by the hotel. Local residents have to park their cars 1-2 km away. Yes we are 'hospitable' people but testing my hospitality at 7 pm can be irksome!

    Now my point here is:

    1) How much tax the govt collects from these hotels and where does this go? Shimla roads can hardly be termed as roads. What public amenities the govt have invested into for local residents?

    2) How many hotels are actually registered here and how many are running thanks to 'hafta' system with the tourism deptt.

    3) Has tourism deptt. actually vetted the number of rooms in a hotel as per actual declared by the hotel and how fool proof is this?

    4) Is there any way of knowing that the hotel is actually registering the sale in it's records and not just pocketing the entire money.

    What is it in for local residents facing a harassed summers in Shimla in the name of Tourism? When one is not sure whose coffers are getting filled? Govt or the lalaji's. Considering the state of Shimla city it certainly could not be that of the govt!!

  3. Thanks Nityn to put my feeling in words

    "Why locals are facing harassment in summers in the name of tourism"

    I was travelling to Shimla (I am staying at Chandigarh) last week, and drive was nightmarish…

    When I was near Taradevi the traffic jam started. It took me 45 mins from Govt. Press to 103 tunnel.

    TOI also covers an article on capacity of tourists which Shimla can accommodate as of today and the amount of influx. The figures stated are frightening.

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