HPU gets clean chit in ‘paper leak’ case



Shimla: The much talked about PMT paper leak case has fallen flat with the crime investigating department (CID) giving clean chit to Himachal Padesh University. CID officials claimed that after examining the exam procedure and cross-questioning students and officials nothing could be found that suggested any irregularity. ADGP ID Bhandari, who was asked by the CM to conduct an inquiry, however, said they were open to further investigation if anybody comes up with fresh evidence.
The merit list for the pre-medical test is now expected to be out within two days. Interestingly, a day before some parents had also expressed doubts about the CID probe and had demanded investigation by the CBI.

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  1. Thank God ! It's the suspicious times we live in with scandals all arround … i hope we are in 'safe hands' now ! All is not yet lost … ther's hope … there's life.

  2. dear

    CID as always has once again worked in the hands of politicians. The day this scandal was given to CID, we were sure of nthng coming out,.,.,.,.

    nd C nthng comes out to b unexpected,.,.,.

    state CID is just a waste of public money,.,.,.,.,.,.

  3. Dear Raman,

    What do u mean ? Do u mean the every case which is being interogating thourgh any of the agency have something doubted….. please dont try to mix up the "PMT alleged paper leak" with the your frustration against the politicians…….

  4. Dude, will like to rectify ANY OF THE AGENCY

    am not questioning the integrity of each and every investigating authority.

    my statement was exclusively for state owned CID, if you go into the records of cases handled by CIDs of various states, u will hardly find any with results which were not challenged in court and most of the time, the outcome post court's investigation had been reverse.

    So goint through this history any layman could have predicted this outcome of HP PMT scam.

    Its not the frustation, dear its the awareness we all are here to spread, on the govt. bodies functioning mechanism,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

  5. It should have been handed to CBI earlier. Now the influential people might have got the loopholes altered. Let the doubted students be re-examined, just for the sake of it, and have NARCO test for the suspected. The truthful have no fears, so why protest.

  6. This is sorrowoful, students who worked hard day in day out, hoping that it will bear fruits has all gone waste. Next time onwards parents should not spent money on coachings for their wards, rather should approach Mr Dhumal with that money to secure a seat in HPU Shimla,.,.,.,.,.,.

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