HPU holds back CPMT merit list



Shimla: Giving another indication that the CPMT paper may actually have been leaked, Himachal Pradesh University on Wednesday decided not to make the merit list public. The merit was to be made public on June 11 and counseling for admission to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Tanda Medical College was to be held on June 15. The state government has already entrusted the inquiry to the CID.

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  1. That's ridiculous!!!!!!!!

    If the scam is out, atleast university should come forward and make the picture clear, though nothing could mitigate students pain but atleast could help them plan,.,.,.

  2. Not again! i thought "munnabhai" series was over…Public "short-term memory" – no,i i'm not narrating Ghazni story here – but wondering what happened to 'logical conclusion' , 'law will take it's own course' of the notorious 2006 scam??? Can anyone update us on that!? I hope i'm "talking sense" !!!

  3. In 2006 scenario was a bit different than that is today, at that time the govt. , univ authorities and the bureaucracy was adamant over the fact that PMT question paper can be leaked, the statement of then Chief Secy was "don't be the judge of the examination" such kind of words from a person sitting on the top most bureaucratic post was a shame in itself although a one man committee was formed of a former VC who showed his helplessness when the students had gone to present the proofs of paper leak said "I don't have the powers to take action this is the job of police, so you go and submit all these things to them and more over how can I find anything wrong in this examination in just one day" such words were enough to show how much the authorities were serious to find out the truth, thank god that some fearless officers were there who proved the allegations which ultimately lead to the cancellation of the examination, one more statement from the deptt. of physics univ in the high court was "the question paper was easy and needed no rough work and the questions were there in a book available in the market" such remarks showed the attitude of authorities who never wanted HPU to get defamed although it was not the intention but truth was the thing for which was being sought and the judiciary ultimately restored it.

    This time it was easy for the aggrieved parents to get the enquiry started as the officials never want to come under the scanner once again, but the only thing of concern today is, if the question paper was leaked then it would be CONTEMPT OF COURT as the Hon'ble High Court had asked the then registrar to give an affidavit "shapat patra" seeking the mechanism to prevent any such incident of paper leak and if it is proved the VC and the Registrar will be and should be booked under contempt of court as they will fail in keeping their words.

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