Another PMT paper leak case in HP; CM sets enquiry


By: Ravinder Vasudeva

Shimla: Unconfirmed reports about Himachal Pradesh Combined Entrance Test (HPCPMT)-2009 paper leak have again rocked the state, leaving uncertainty over the future of hundreds of students. Acting sharply on the grievances of parents of some students, the state government has set an enquiry into the matter which will be conducted by Additional Director General of Police (CID).

This alleged scam came out when on June 8 parents of some of the students who have appeared for the paper lodged a complaint with the vice-chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University about the suspected paper leak. They also sent the copy of this complaint to the chief minister of the state and to CBI.

According to the complainants, 22 candidates from a Shimla-based coaching centre have made it to the merit list for the examination. As per their allegations, it is almost impossible to get 390 marks in biology out of 400, as has been in the case with one student, especially when the exam has a negative marking system.

“I have received complaints about the leakage of PMT paper by some parents. After finding the complaints I discussed the issue with the chief minister, who has ordered an enquiry into the matter,” said vice-chancellor of HPU, Prof Sunil Kumar Gupta. He maintained that the university administration had taken all precautions to conduct the PMT examinations in a fair manner.

The Himachal Pradesh PMT had run into a similar controversy in 2006 when a group of students cried foul over the suspected paper leak then. At that time, the BJP, then in opposition, had accused the Congress government of dragging its feet on the matter.

Interestingly, the then vice-chancellor of HP University, Prof LR Verma, had washed off his hands of the leak after an internal inquiry by a former registrar. It was only after the HP High Court intervened that the government set an inquiry into the matter.

After the preliminary inquiry, several high-profile people were found involved in the leak and more than a hundred people arrests were made. In the meanwhile, the original PMT exam was annulled and a re-test was conducted, which laid bare most of the accused who had cleared the first test in 2006. The case is now being heard in the High Court.

Whatever be the outcome of the case, there are a few questions that nag us long after these cases are settled. One of the most nagging of these is apart from the PMT there are several exams and entrance tests being conducted elsewhere, so what is the guarantee that these are not being leaked? Are annual school exam question papers being leaked? Are nursery entrance tests being leaked? No one can say no without hesitating.

Howsoever stringent fool-proof systems we may develop, the sad fact is our human resource responsible for implementation of those checks will always be vulnerable to allurements. So what do we do? At stake are thousands of careers.

At stake is hard work of thousands of students who slog and sweat. Most importantly, at stake is the faith of these students in the system they’ll be a part of.

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  1. Once again the whole melodrama……of setting up of an enquiry and ultimately the appointed bureaucrats will say "there was nothing wrong with the PMT paper" the thing is that people in our system need to mend their ways of functioning otherwise students like us will always be at the receiving end……I hope students get justice

  2. I cannot comment about such allegations at this stage but the past record of this University in conducting exams and maintaining secrecy is not good. Though unorganized parents will find it very difficult to prove their position but university will find enough time to derive explanations for saving their skin.

    The University has been spoiled by the political parties in power. Students, teachers, employees have been kept busy in politics by big masters. Important positions are distributed irrespective of caliber. Such an intervention not only brings the dooms day to political party in power but also deliver such deficient services to the state.

  3. Rightly said bad RKS "The University has been spoiled by the political parties in power".. I remember when i was in school i used to hear good fame of himachal university at that time i wanted to be a part of university for my higher education, but by the time i finished my basic education everything was spoiled. I can't forget my first visit to University when a bunch of students were no some "HARTAAL" and policemen guarding them.. Why can't education bne kept separate from the politics, i have noticed in the local newspapers, there is a definite shuffle on university management at the time of govt change. Student should understand and organize themselves against such issues instead of creating stories of fighting among themselves for some party..

  4. If there is any truth in the allegations made, It will be the death knell for Himachal Univesity. Instead of HPU conducting the CPMT, marks of exam conducted by CBSE JEE should be considered for obtaining enterance into medical colleges across the state. This will be helpful for students also as they will have to sit for just one exam.

  5. The recent events have brought bigger questions with them.The Action Comitee of the famous 2006 case, which was set up by individuals who cried foul at the first exam were being chiefly run by Dr. DK Verma, Mr. Tanwar and Mrs. Kusum. Now, Dr. DK Verma's son was on of the murderers of Amann Kachroo, the ill fated student at Tanda Medical College. It has been 3 months now and no action has been taken against his son and the other 3 involved. Good Resources? Maybe. Mr. Tanwar's son and Mrs. Kusum's daughter are the ones in the spotlight at the moment as, they are amongst the students who are being called as "Jugaad" entries this year. It seems that being part of the action comittee not only brought them into close contact with the police but also with the touts who maybe sold 'em the paper. Which brings me to my next question. Even in 2006, did these ppl. cry foul just because they could not procure the paper back then as they have done now? Interestingly enough one of these individuals has links with a national level newspaper. Maybe thats why this news hasn't seen the light of day so far. But, well done Him Vani for airing such incidents and not being scared of political and monetary loggerheads. I congratulate this newspaper for being my only source for this news. Thank You

  6. The 2006 case was different, and not much has changed. I know one of the the 38 involved, the son of a fomous doctor in Shimla and he is currently doing MBBS and recently scored 70 something percent in his 2nd year exams, with distinctions in two subjects. Why he did not came through is still a mystery though.

  7. This is in context with the remarks of some of the very bright and "jaagruk nagrik". Firstly how dare some of the people comment that in 2006 the ones who were not able to get the question paper were the ones who "cry foul" and "Jugaad". No one has given these people right to comment on the struggle and fearlessness of the people who had the guts to come forward and bring the truth in front of the public. Secondly, the thing "close contact with the touts and police officers" what a cheap and degraded thinking some of these "jagruk nagriks" have, I must tell everyone truth was there that the paper had leaked and this was the reason that the Hon'ble High Court cancelled the exam and not any police officer.

    One more thing Mr. Jagruk Nagrik I was the one who had called Dr. Tanwar and others and told them about the paper leak andd if someone is doubting them, they are doubting me before anyone else and I know your mind would be thinking how i was able to know about all this but sorry this is not the platform to tell you about 2006 episode, our lawyer has already died in a road accident "UNDER MYSTERIOUS CONDITIONS" and if anyone is doubting 2006 whistle blowers they are doubting the sacrifice of many people and to inform you I was only able to clear the HPCPMT after it got cancelled and not only me but many other deserving students were able to make it while earlier they were not in the merit and all these students had no link with the mafia , moreover Dr.Tanwr's son and Mrs. Kusum's daughter were not able to make it through the 2006 PMT even after its cancellation it was for a general good above any self interest that we all came together and fought against the system.

    The point of a student getting involved in ragging in Tanda is really unfortunate and that too after his father played an important role in the action committee but then it was his own fault and it had nothing to do with his father and the case, I must tell you that his father who is a doctor is one of the most renowned and helpful doctors of IGMC, he is as famous as an icon amongst the students.

    I request people to think before they comment by taking someones name and designation, if this there is a paper leak the VC and Registrar will be booked under the contempt of court and this would be mainly because the culprits of 2006 have not been punished yet and till they all are behind the bars their confidence will not decrease rather it will increase as they will think and they do think that law is their private property.

  8. H.P. CPMT Paper leak 2009-2010? MBBS.

    How it is possible shame shame.

    If I were a v/c what can i do. What is the next date reexamination or merit list. When the commencement of academic session?

    ok tata phir milange

    chalte chalte……

  9. I would first of all like to thank, the member of this forum who refers to me as “jaagruk”. Which I am. Since a whole lot of mudslinging is taking place I am going to get right to the point.

    People who mistake a question mark for an exclamation mark should get their eyesight checked or clean their screens once in a while. A remarks section in any form of media print or broadcast is reserved for individuals who have something more to say or pose a question to those people who have gone through an article. My point in writing those comments weren’t meant to enrage anyone, but to give a second plausible explanation for the very same events based on facts or to atleast get answers.

    But instead of that all I got was a royal show of strength and loyalty.

    Firstly, the allegations of being connected with the touts isn’t something I cooked up on my own but was published in a leading newspaper at that time in 2006. And if I am going to be confronted with evidence that all of it happened because of one gentleman who had a telephonic conversation with a tout and “exposed” him well then he should have concentrated on his exams at the time. Speaking of which, I called up a couple of people and found out that this fellow who claims to be the “exposer” of this story is not even in the medical college, neither IGMC nor Tanda. Surprising. And about “being on the merit list”, the exam is of 800 marks, everyone above 400 is on it, since 400 is the qualifying score. Turning our attention to the “reply”……

    As far as Mr. Tanwar and Mrs. Kusum’s children are concerned, I wasn’t referring to their results in the ’06 exam but in the ’09 exam. Because as far as I know, both of them cleared the exam this time. Dr. Tanwar is a “social activist”, well just explain me this then. When the PMT thing happened, he was all over the media, after that I remember him being part of some drive against female foeticide and then being part of “Khet bachao Sameti” , the Gyan Vigyan sameti and on and on giving comments in the media on TV as well as the newspapers……Just tell me why then did a man of such high morals not comment on the death of Aman Kachroo? Was it because Dr. Verma’s son was involved in it? If social equality is an issue he can fight for, then why let a young boy from a neighbouring state feel the wrath of local students.

    Also, Dr. Verma’s son too did not have a straight entry to the medical college. I don’t remember for what reason, but some people had dragged him to court over his selection as well. As far as Kachroo’s death being sad and unfortunate and not having anything to do with his father, well, then I’d personally much rather have Hitler as an icon than someone who can’t deal with his son’s problems. I don’t want to comment on Dr.Verma’s private life, but if it is facts you are talking about….then swallow this, in 2007 Abhinav Verma, s/o Dr. DK Verma was apprehended by the Tanda police for having beaten up a mobile shopkeeper and having looted away stuff worth 1.5 lacs, in fact his photograph was in one of the papers. If there were signs his child was an outlaw, he should have kept him at home. Look what happened 12 months after that. If tomorrow my son would have done something like this, I would have accepted direct responsibility for it instead of denying the fact that such an incident took place.

    Lastly, instead of fighting about what has happened in the past we, should look at the current situation and try to make sure that whatever cracks have been left over from the ’06 incident are filled up now. Unfortunately, the univ’s been given a clean chit. And do you honestly think that if a paper were to leak again, that the ppl behind it would commit the same mistakes, which lead to them being caught, and lets not forget those getting selected this time. When the “hunted” become “hunters”, they do a better job coz they leave no stone unturned to catch their prey, since they have been there themselves.

    And as far as the VC and the registrar being punished for their actions…well the authot must realise that the university doesnt comprise of just the VC ar the registrar. There are other hundreds of other people in the university as well.

    About that guy from those 38 getting distinction and 70%. Well its true, Its 72% actually, and he's apparently even coming out with a music album! (at least thats what his profile said on one of the networking sites). Good for him…hope he stays clear of trouble!

  10. Dr Tanwar is a renowed himachali, and such question marks against his name really are dissapointing. As far as Dr. Verma is concerned, in my opinion anyone saying that he was not connected with the ragging case would be an understatement. A son is only as good as his father.

    Abhiskek's comments are maybe a little hyped but do contain some valuable questions like the Aakarshan getting to know exact method of paper leakage. Also, anyone above 400 is in the merit, so even if the paper had leaked, that should not have had an impact on akarshan's score.

    And even if some student is scoring 70 or 80 percent the stains of the past cannot be washed away.

  11. Dear Sandeep,

    I thought your comments were well written except for the last line. The mere fact that this guy is scoring 70 odd % in his exams just goes to show his determination to pursue this field. I don't know how much you know about the scoring system in MBBS but trust me anything above 60% is good and anything except 70% is awesome. Give the guy a break……God even gives murderers and rapists second chances, why not him. I'm sure there will be people to doubt his abilities even if he does PG in some subject someday. In our society 2day, we need to reform ppl not to repeal them into a life where we –stain– the fabric of their lives.

  12. the thing was not personal and i had said that i was able to make it so find the facts once again but plz open your eyes, clear your screen and if required do get your eyes no. tested before you read any comments and Mr.jagruk nagrik feels really awesome you tried to find out about me "thanks" to clear your knowledge i must tell you im in the profession and if you took this much of pain please do a little more and ask the contacted ppl once more where i am rt now, i hope you will come to know whether im a doctor in the making or not, if not then il tell you where im studying (to help you plz ask any medico studying in shimla) and to tell you more i was there in the merit list both before the cancellation of the exam and after the re exam

    the reason why the question of 2006 paper leak link was raised by me was because there were proofs which directly showed the involvement of univ in the case but unfortunately it was given a clean chit, which ofcourse was expected as no govt. would like to involve its univ in such a corruption, secondly the thing you said about it is obvious when you don't know the fact how will you be able to write correct things, when his son was arrested in 1st year he was not in the country and to tell you a bit more about abhinav he was a captain when in school and was an intelligent student no doubt his involvement in the case is something which can not be over looked but this is to tell you that when you are bringing someone from the lot of 38 involved in paper leak case he had also got a seat on payment and not on merit while getting a score of 70% is great, hope it is on his own coz mr.jagruk nagrik you must not be aware of the fact what special treatment some of the children whose parents are from the same profession get, so while stating this im not blaming him or his parents but i hope s/he is doing it by the means of hardwork.

    The thing why the authorities involved will never repeat is as they are not afraid of anyone and think nothing will happen their morale is never going to come down unless and until they are punished and you did not comment on the death of our lawyer strange you did so much of research work you should have tried to find about the ppl involved behind it and one more thing when our lawyer met with an accident i crossed the spot 10 minutes later had i been ahead of him i might not have been writing comments here so before you are raising questions on us you must remember the seriousness of the case and struggle that it had, no doubt it was not against any particular student or their parents but it was against the mafia the corruption and why dr.tanwar has not commented over the death of aman is his personal thinking and nothing to do with 2006 case and me, but he has fought and if you have done anything like him plz tell us we would love to know the stories of your valor.

    Ending to all this i must tell ppl are hard of hearing so there is the need of a loud sound and this was there in 2006 but they are suffering from a disease called forgetfulness so they need to be reminded again and again but it is sad that ppl who are educated and have good circle support those who have been involved in the cases of corruption.

    I hope one day ppl will recoginse all the hardwork and danger that was involved in the case.

  13. Hey guys….I don't mean to butt in on this little cat n mouse fight that U guys seem 2 b having, but really….enough.

    Here's what I think, Aman's gone…..and for what its worth the four convicted have also had their professional careers put to rest, that makes it five. Hasn't there been enough chat about the case already. About Abu, he was a good student no doubt, but since we already knw who we're talking about, TP was his classmate. And if u ask ppl in edwards and DAV, they'll tell ya that apart frm his PMT incident he was really good. A good quizzer, orator, a good musician. I mean he got 95 ( i think !) in bio in XIIth man….thats rad. If he's gone on a paid seat, which i seriously doubt coz mate think about this…..he must have paid 10-15 lacs for the paper first, add another 20-25 in a pvt. college, that makes it 30 to 40 lacs for the seat that he has now. God Damn why spend so much money in the first place. Plus I know for a fact that he went for a 2nd counselling which in a pvt. college is usually filled by ppl who dont cough up money. We had a common teacher at vidyapeeth, and I remember very clearly, the shock he was in when TP's name came in the newspaper for the paper leak, and every other teacher too. When he passed his 11th and came to 12th he gave the pmt exam for a trial, and at Awasthi sir's place everybody admired him cuz he got 300 odd score, which for someone who doesnt know a word of class xii is phenomenal. We studied maths together in class 10 and frm personal experience he was really good. He was in the nineties in a couple of subjects, in fact I checked his result myself. I also remember very clearly that Abu and TP were good friends, many times I'd see them roaming on the mall. Even after the whole PMT thing.

    Friendship is always based on mutual respect.If they are cool with it, I don't c why u guys should bring it up.

    And guys if Abu and TP find out that their mane is being swept across a noticeboard like this I really dont think they'd like it. Just leave 'em both out of this. Both of them have had enough! Have a heart.

    If you guys don't agree on sumthing take it sumwhere else, don't humiliate these guys in the process.

  14. this is wht im tryng to say buddy, they both were my juniors and real gud friends in school it was a shock for me too when i initially found his name and had even denied this that he was involved(TP) but it was totally a diff thing latter on, no doubt he was a brilliant student not only he but the other one too, but buddy this thing is for those who dont know them but are involving them here, bringing in their name, the thing is don't be personal write comments without pinpointing but ppl are trying to find out from their contacts that where am i studying, really heights by the way it hardly matters to me about their undue concern :-).

    • resting on past laurels is one thing that people wont let go. on one hand akarshan talks of abhinav being a captain in school, so let me add to it that he too was a quizzer(not that prolific, but still)…he was good in studies, he was good in sports so we label him as a a student who has'nt had a past history that can be brought out against him…okay then lets talk about TP, yeah the guy was not a captain, he was'nt good in sports and athletics but for THE PEOPLE WITH THE DISEASE OF FORGETFULNESS…he represented St. Edwards in the ESPN Sports quiz, he represented the school in umpteen debates and quiz competitions and the very prestigious science congress…so akarshan is surprised when TP does such a thing in 2006(which i should say APPARENTLY as nothing has been proved)….and battles for abu….and tells himself that he(akarshan) is in a med school(IGMC) and something that he might be tempted to add that even akarshan was a captain at school (i have my facts right)well being a captain at school is not a big deal at all. I MYSELF was one and i know that its not a big deal…regarding my credibility i knew/know both abu and to equally well…..abu repeated the incidents,,,,aman kachroo had given a written statement….which is liable to 5 sections being used on the accused(since this is apparent)..the chargesheets says it all….about the air passing through the ear and all that.

      I agree that Dr, DK Verma has nothing to do with this incident, he indeed is a famous surgeon…but the same can be said about at least 50 docs in igmc and tanda alike.

      And regarding akarshan bringing about the topic of THE LAWYER DYING IN MYSTERIOUS condtions.i must bring account to his notice that if a person's time has come he will die, god won't wait for him to fight a case and then die. what i suspect is that akarshan suspects some foul play in his lawyer's death, then that should mean that every lawyer you hire should die….thats hilarious. Dr. sahib get real

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