Himachal Day at Milpitas



Shimla: The India Community Center (ICC), Milpitas (California), will host the first-ever Himachal Day celebrations in the US on June 14. Two prominent persons with links to Himachal Pradesh – Dalip Singh Rana (Great Khali) and Rajan Zed – will also be honored on the occasion.  While Rana has earned a place for himself in professional wrestling, Zed is a well-known Indo-American and Hindu statesman who has taken up Hindu, interfaith, religion, environment, Roma and other causes all over the world.

Showcasing Himachali dances, culinary delicacies, music, folk fashions, displays, etc, the vent is expected to bring together a large number of Himachalis and friends of Himachal. ICC has dedicated June as “Himachal Month” and is holding displays of Himachali crafts, paintings, pictures, etc., showcasing its rich cultural heritage.

Coordinating committee, which is organizing this colorful event includes community leaders Mahesh Nihalani, Asha Stokes Sharma, Colonel Vishnu Sharma, Dr. Meena Patyal and Sudha Stokes Puar among others.

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