Punjab violence hits Himachal bus service



Shimla: Widespread violence in Punjab following the killing of leader of a religious sect in Vienna resulted in great inconvenience to commuters coming to and leaving Himachal as almost all long route buses were either delayed or their trips cancelled. Two HRTC buses were torched while at least five other were damaged in different parts of Punjab on Monday. The state transport department has decided not to resume bus service to Punjab until the situation normalises, which may also affect service to Delhi and other states.

The violence has also hit tourist flow to the state and also trade as trucks transporting vegetables and other essentials to and from the state have not been moving. Sources in tour and travel agencies revealed that many bookings have been cancelled or postponed.

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  1. There goes Himachal tourist season to the toss!!

    Last year it was the Gujjar agitation which spoiled the party. Hope better sense prevails and govt is able to control the situation. Otherwise the tourist season will end 20 days in advance as rains enter Himachal by June 20th

  2. things like these literally make my day. everytime something like this (unbelievable stupidity) happens in india, it re-enforces the fact that it was the right decision to get the hell out of that country at the right time. someone killed someone in austria, half way across the globe and indians are destroying local properties and govt. assets (which, india being a poor country, aren't in abundance anyway) by setting them alight…

    good job you dickheads – we need you to keep doing all this so that we remain the impoverished natioan that we've always been.

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