Three morning walkers held for beating up HAS officer



Shimla: Too much aggressiveness in chasing those found on the wrong side of the law can sometimes even land you behind the bars, as it happened with three hapless morning walkers who happened to be annoyed with an HAS officer running his vehicle on a restricted road here. Perhaps the trio, is their zeal to protect their walking space, forgot that the person who caused them such anguish was a privileged officer. So while there was no news of the HAS officer Amarjit Singh being booked for driving on a restricted area, the poor three were made to cool their heels in the lockup as police registered a case against them under sections 323, 341, 506 and 34 of IPC.
Long live the babudom!

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  1. D very "news" reflects d mindset and the value attached to the lawlessness in this nation by using words such as 'privileged officer'…Grow up.A King is a kKing not because he wears a crown but because people like the 'news' bow before them! And HAS is a mere civil servant turned self-proclaimed(and writer's stamp) Boss!

  2. Social set up and the human relationships have evolved very differently in Himachal Pradesh as compared to the other parts of our country. Geographical barriers and climatic conditions encourage people to remain isolated to the mainstream and build their super-egos on nuisance power.

    Bureaucracy, due to the over-governmental interference in this small state has dominated all economic and social groups. Even businessmen also feel proud to be in company with them. The whole nexus goes like that. All segments of society keeps such conditions in mind and feel privileged to form a page 3 group (jaan pahchan). Even politicians are scared of them in some corners as the insecurity of defeat haunt them even while in power.

    And finally, the ordinary people. They are happy to note the current postings of these powerful babus without personally knowing them and discuss such incidents in details, that too because a HAS officer is involved.

    These types of incidents are bound to happen at large scale in times to come. This psychology needs to be corrected at this end. Mutual respect for everyone's work is to be restored. RTI is also failing in containing the non performance and discretion, and therefore, many radical administrative reforms are needed to check the power nuisance.

    (Please Note: Without any bias, I have full sympathy with the aggrieved party whoever it may be. My comments are not incident specific but in a macro perspective)

  3. Is it the correct form of writing a news?

    There is no information about the place where the incident took place, no information about the people involved except the name of the officer and no real information about the cause of the incident.

    Further to this, I would like to add that according to me 90% of the people who click on this website to get in touch with their native state lives outside the state and they have real zeal to know about what is happening in their state and this sort of incomplete news doesn't solve their quest.

    I would like to request the editors or reporters for this website to kindly publish detailed reports.

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