Blood donation marks World Thalassemia Day in Shimla



Shimla: UMANG Foundation for Children with Thalassemia organized a voluntary blood donation camp on the historic ridge to commemorate the World Thalassemia Day, and as many as 75 persons donated blood on the occasion. Justice Deepak Gupta, a senior judge of Himachal Pradesh High Court, inaugurated the camp by donating blood. BK Agrarwal, senior IAS officer and secretary to the Chief Minister, was the guest of honor at the function. The camp was also graced by the presence of Prof. VD Kuthiala (Retd.) of Shimla who has a record of donating blood 151 times. Children with thalassemia greeted the blood donors by presenting them a red rose.

Ajai Srivastava, president of Umang Foundation, said, “This was the fifth camp to support the cause of children with thalassemia in Himachal Pradesh in one year. Justice Deepak Gupta called upon the people to come forward for donating blood for ailing humanity as it was the highest selfless service to the society. Justice Gupta said that the children with thalassemia have also right to life like the other children of our society. And it was the duty of society to help them out in overcoming their pain and sufferings. The parents of thalassemic children – Aditi, Arjun, Pallavi and Jasmine shared their problems with Mr. BK Agrarwal who assured them that the government would try to solve their problems in phased manner. He appreciated the efforts of Umang Foundation in creating awareness about Thalassemia and voluntary blood donation among common masses.

Ajai Srivastava donated blood 75th time, Ashwani Sood 56 time, Sanjeev Sunta 34th time, Bharti Kuthiala 26th time and Jaya Sharma 21st time, Arti Gupta 19 and Mohit Sharma 15 time in the camp. This camp was supported by Youth Enlightening the Society (YES) and Voice of Himachal. Mr. Arkansan Chauhan, president of YES and Varun Rattan Singh of Voice of Himachal along with their team were also present at the camp. A large number of youth including girls took great interest in donating blood. A medical team lead by Dr. Udit Kumar of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital conducted the camp.

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