Jobless to boycott elections in Himachal



Shimla: Irritated over the ignorant attitude of successive state governments, the unemployed youth of the state have decided to strengthen their unity in order to pressurize the governments to solve their grievances. One such group, Srijit-Berozgar Union (HP), has decided not tot cast their votes in the Lok Sabha elections in order to show their resentment against political parties.

“If the employees can form a powerful pressure group, why can’t the jobless get together to lend voice to their demands,” said president of the Union, BC Sharma. He said that the SBU has specifically been floated at the time of the elections so that politicians can be pressurized to pay attention towards their joblessness. According to information unemployment allowance, and reducing the retirement age from 58 to 54 years are the main demands of the Union.

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  1. Actually instead of boycotting the election, they should form a political party and atleast if they win 1 or seats they have money with them 🙂

  2. agree to aryan … there is a need for youth to come up and get evolved in politics . Hope other than making money some development will come into existence

  3. Worst is still to come in the years ahead, when there will be no Industries. Who bothers for their Jobs. Politicians bother for their Votes, Bureaurocrates want easy going because they are forced to toe a line fixed by Politicians, how so ever it may be irrational. Judiciary has been overloaded and do not have sufficient fleet of Judges.

    It is the same youths whom JP lead but youths ditched him and he died of kidney failure. So rightly it is said, you cut the same what you sow.

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