Himachal travel agents accused of spreading misinformation about Kashmir


Shimla: In an allegation that has the potential to malign tour operators in Himachal Pradesh to a great extent, a report published by a J&K based news portal has stated that ”some tour and travel companies in Himachal have resorted to a malicious practice of disseminating false information about Kashmir”.

The basis of this allegation has been stated to be an email from an “individual” to tour operators across the country cautioning them from sending tourists to Kashmir. The report further states that to give credence to the malicious propaganda these companies have been disseminating, they are sending disturbing photographs showing events that actually don’t pertain to Kashmir.

The report states: “Continuing with a sinister campaign against Kashmir and its tourism industry, some tour and travel companies in Himachal have resorted to a malicious practice of disseminating false information about Kashmir. In a bid to distract the prospective tourists from Kashmir these companies have been sending e-mails to the tour operating companies across India cautioning them from sending tourists to Kashmir.”

Tour operators in Shimla, Manali and Dharamsala, when contacted by HimVani, expressed ignorence about the malicious mails, stating that tour operators in Himachal would not indulge in such a thing. Aashit Sharma, joint secretary of Himachal Pradesh Tourism and Travel Agents Association, said, “I am not aware of any such mails being circulated. Our friends in Kashmir may have been victims of some rumour.”
It may be mentioned that the tourism industry in Himachal has gained a lot after tourism was affected by terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.

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  1. Couldn't stop laughing reading the news report on the Greater Kashmir portal. Tourism in Himachal gained because Kashmiris decided to burn the Indian flag.

    Today's Tribune carried a story, Who wants a life of boycotts?

    a quote from the story..

    Taxi drivers across the city talk of how their earnings have dipped by 80 per cent over the last year, how the five flights landing at Srinagar barely fetch tourists and how the shikaras go empty even on Sundays. “Who wants to come to a city of curfews and boycotts,” asks Fayyaz Ahmad, another driver from Khanyar.

    Next we may read, Tribune is spreading rumors..!!! Clearly some people are not taking supportingly growth of tourism in Himachal.

    • i believe no one is doing all this personally 🙂 however, several freelance writers on the internet care very little about the ground reality…. one portal publishes it.. another one rewrites it.. and so on 🙂

  2. If Kashmir’s public itself not interested to earn from tourism industry then whom to blame? and how they can even think of tourists coming to their places with bricks and stone pelting welcoming everyone?

    Why to blame Himachal for all this? And whatsoever the situation is there at Kashmir, 50% of its credit directly goes to public, they seem happy burning INDIAN flags then why expect INDIAN tourists to run their tourism industry ?

    If Kashmir people Kept doing such foolish things by the influence of separatists..a day will come when even dogs  wouldn’t like to visit there..leave general tourists.. Kashmiris have made their lives “Hell” in the name of Jehad or AZADI, whatsoever is going on there..the economic downturn or losing tourists..they themselves earned it and they deserved it.

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