Go-karting in Himachal!




Go-karting at the Mahasu peaks in Kufri, Shimla

The thrill of formula one drive in Go-karts, a zero gravity experience in the giant wheel, giant screened video-game action, along with a nature trek and aroma therapy in a herbal garden – the concept of holidaying in Shimla, is being redefined.

A huge segment of tourists who always went back a bit dissatisfied after just roaming on the Mall Road and watching the green hills can now draw more action from their holidays here. ‘Fun World’ a modern recreation resort created on a mountaintop in Kufri, near here, is now ready to fill up that nagging gap for action and fervent frolic.

At Mahasu Peak in Kufri, local man Baldev Thakur and his Delhi based partner Sushil Malik have invested the earning of their lifetime in ‘Fun World’.


Baldev Thakur at the wheels

The most proud achievement of the duo is the world’s highest Go-kart track at a height of 9,500 feet. According to Thakur the Go-Kart track meets international standards and in future may host national or international competitions as well. In fact, the partners are seeking an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The entire campus is carefully littered with a variety of fun rides for adults and kids, a video games parlour, gift shops, eateries and a modern restaurant. Within a few months of starting its operation in June last, the number of visitors to the resort has crossed over 1,70,000. The figure registered a 30 per cent increase this year. Beaming Thakur quips, “this is a result of just word of mouth publicity”.

Besides the tourists, the launch of the resort has lighted up the faces of people in the adjoining villages too. Over the years the tourists had started to become discontent with Kufri. As a result, the business of locals who ferried tourists on horse backs also suffered. The resort has infused fresh life in their business. Besides, several villagers have found employment and a ready market for whatever little they produce in their farms.

The future plans of the enterprising duo include connecting the nearby Gallu hills by a ropeway. Thakur saysm, a typical Himachali village setting would be developed on that hill. Boating on the hill top is also on the cards for which the work has already begun and rain water harvesting structure is being developed.

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