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First thing first. Non-Himachalis, cannot buy land in Himachal. Sorry friends, who thought or were very happy that the Himachal government recently, opened up land in the state to outsiders, would be for a rude shock that the government hasn’t. But, there is still hope as you can buy a flat. But, I repeat, not land.

There was too much of confusion and debate around this topic. So Him Vani thought of getting the air cleared. And so we went ahead and talked to Mr Tara Chand Thakur, Administrative Officer, Himachal Urban Development Authority (HIMUDA) and got the following details:

So first thing first. Why was the world going hung-ho about this all?

  • Land has been opened up only for one, industries and two for private builders, and that too only in selected areas in Himachal. And that too, the land would not be in an individual’s name but in the company’s name, only after strict environmental norms and other regulations. In Himachal, the government is giving special consideration for alloting land in areas like Baddi, Parwanoo, Nalagarh and Barotiwala in Solan district; Kala Amb and Paonta Sahib in Sirmour district; Amb and Gagret in district Una; Sansarpur Terrace in district Kangra, for setting up industries, tourism projects and hydel projects (most of them at self identified spots of the companies). So the matter rests here.
  • However, there is no “known” upper or lower limt restriction as such set by the government for buying land for the puposes mentioned above.
  • But you still have some hope. If you are a non-Himachali, you can buy (mind you) a flat by applying to Himachal Urban Development Authority (HIMUDA). But according to their norms, one family can buy only one flat. (e.g. A husband and wife will be alloted only one flat.)

Now let’s get into a bit of history and know more about the rules and regulations.

  • Before the year 1966, there was no bar on non-Himachalis for buying land in Himachal Pradesh. At that time, there was less money in circulation in the economy of Himachal Pradesh. The two basic source of income at that time were government jobs or agriculture and most of the land was being purchased by outsiders. It was during the regime of the then Chief Minister Dr. Y.S. Parmar that ban on land sale to people from outside the state was implemented.
  • According to the rules, all those (non-Himachalis) who have settled in Himachal before 1972, do not have to take permission from the government for buying land for residential purpose. But for commercial purposes, like hotel, industry or hydel projects, both non-Himachalis – those staying here before 1972 or thereafter can only get land after their case is approved by the cabinet.
  • Every non-Himachali’s case for buying land in Himachal is sent to the cabinet for approval. So real tough to get through.
  • In most of the cases it has been seen that the decision to allot land, totally depends upon the discretion of the government. In rare cases, like if a person is serving as a government employee in the state for long, is s/he allowed to buy land.
  • Agricultural land can only be sold to a Himcahali agriculturist (strictly). So forget that. But considering the shortage of land in Shimla, there is a proposal for conversion of agricultural land on the outskirts of Shimla for commercial or housing purposes (but decision is still awaited).

For most of these proposals, non-Himachalis can either avail more information from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Shimla or HIMUDA.

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  1. Hi everyone. I have a himachal domicile as i am born and brought up for the initial years in Palampur. I am interested for farm land in himachal. Can anyone guide me the process involved and also the cost of the land available and when does the govt launch any scheme for farm land.

  2. Hello,
    I am a non resident of H.P.. Just wanted to know can i buy a 400 sq yd. build up house near Dharampur.

    Sanjay Jain

  3. I belong to Himachal Pradesh and having our own ansister agriculture land in Village Chalet-Near Daulatpur or Amb.

  4. I belong to Himachal Village Chalat near Daulatpur DIstt. Una.
    Want to purchase Agriculture land in Chalet or Amb.

    Pls.confirm the availability and rate per Kanal.

  5. i am non himachali . indian resident national. i want to buy a small land out of any citylimit. but on district level toen. to construct a small SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN.
    can any one guide me if i am entitled to receive some land from government os state education authorities or other gram panchayat sarpanch or collector. 
    school is for no profit but help children to learn.

    • how about 70 marlas near 300 meters of road under construction in hoshiarpur search sadhu ram jhalli farm in fateh garh niara hoshiarpur call me erkamaldevatgmdotcom

  6. my mom born in himachal in 1949, brought up in there and then she started govt job in punjab in 1978 then she retired in 2000’s now she have aadhar in punjab but she has .5 marla agriculture land there in himachal can she buy a home in himachal what to do kindly tell

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