Swine flu death toll rises to nine in Himachal Pradesh



    Swine flue death toll has risen to nine in Himachal Pradesh as three more deaths have been reported from the deadly virus during last 24 hrs and four new H1N1 virus infected cases were tested positive in the state.

    Senior Superintendent of Indra Gandhi Medical Colleged, Mr. Ramesh Chand told Himvani that Mr. Bhvani Sharma (64) hailed from Suproon Solan town succumbed at IGMC hospital last night.

    SMO also said that Mr. Namdhari who was rushed to IGMC from Mandi today succumbed as soon as he arrived in the hospital and had symptoms of Swine flu but the patient was not tested for H1N1 immediately.

    Two patients have reportedly died of Swine flue at Dr. Rajinder Prasad Medical College Tanda in Kangra districts. The patients who died were Ms. Shushama (50) Dharman and Mr Vijay Kumar (35) of Jogipur.

    Four suspected patients were found positive for H1N1 virus including three from IGMC and one from Tanda. These three cases were reported positive from Kangra, Solan, Shimla and Mandi districts.

    There are reports that two new suspected cases were also reported in Chamba district as one patient has already been referred to Tanda and other patient who is a four years girl has been admitted in the Chamba zonal hospital. Number of Swine flu positive cases have increased to more than 35 in the state as most of cases were coming from Chamba district.

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