Himachal Kisan Sabha holds rally



Shmla: The Kinnaur district committees of Himachal Kisan Sabha and CITU held a rally today in Rekongpeo against the ‘anti-people policies’ of the state and the Central government. The main speaker at the rally was Dr Onkar Shad, CPI candidate for the Shimla parliamentary seat.

Dr Onkar lambasted at the ruinous policies of the government and stated that it was an utmost task upon the people of the state to jointly link their struggles on economic demands with the political issues. He said it was due to the ruinous policies of the various successive governments that today agriculture was in deep crisis. “This is being done purposely so that the nature of the peasantry changes from peasant agriculture to corporate one where the corporates are allowed to rule the roost,” he said.

“In Kinnaur the ecology of the area is also undermined and this will have adverse impact on the general environment of the tribal region and the worst sufferers would be the people who reside in the tribal regions. This must be staunchly combated and the organized struggle can only fetch results. The voice also has to be raised at the forum that decides the policies, which is the Parliament and the ensuing elections must be used as a platform to raise ones voice he asked the people queerly follow,” he added. The rally was also addressed by other leaders of the organizations. They highlighted the enormous problems being faced by the tribals of the region.

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