Himachal Bhawan meeting


    Following is the roll-call of people present on our July 30th meet at Himachal Bhawan.

    1. Varun Singh
    2. Surender D
    3. ***
    4. Dheeraj Sehgal
    5. Madhur Trehan
    6. Ramit Mahajan
    7. Subhash Guleria
    8. Rahul Saxena (Lok Vigyan Kendra).

    While it was mostly a warm up session of introductions to new people, we had two rounds of pakoras and tea. We hope to see more attendance the next time.

    Rahul was a great help in updating us about social work being done by NGOs in Himachal. He was appreciative of our endeavour to work full time in Himachal.

    We have decided to register HimVani as an NGO and have set a deadline of two years to make it a full time functioning organisation in Himachal. The focus of the organisation would be at three levels: Research, Advocacy and Enterprise. Initially, we’d depend on funds from outside agencies, which would be minimised to Zero over a period of time, as our enterprises start getting us business and we become a self-sustained organisation.

    We’ve got a good response from Lok Vigyan Kendra as well to regularly update us with their activities and knowledge to share with other NGOs working in Himachal. We are also in talks with a couple of NGOs within Himachal and outside Himachal to fund us, the name of which I cannot disclose right now as we are in the preliminary stage.

    People who’d like to get associated with us and be active members of the NGO, may please forward their names to me or Varun. Also, as we are in the registering process, which would require some money and build up a corpus, anybody interested in contributing/donating in cash for registration purposes and building up a corpus of funds for the NGO, also may please contact me or Varun.

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