Vice-President Ansari revisits childhood at Shimla



Shimla: The latest comment in the visitors book at St. Edwards’ School on Wednesday read: ‘To come back to school after half a century generates sentiments and emotions that are difficult to express in words.’ These were words from Vice-President Hamid Ansari at his alma matar, which he visited after a gap of nearly half a century. Words certainly could not have described his emotions, but his said it all.

From remembering his tough PT instructor to narating spelling mistakes he made, the Vice-President shared it all with school kids who listened to each word in awe and rapt attention. His address at the school’s auditorium had element of interest for the present generation students studying in the school as well as the alumni of the school who had come there.

Replying to a question from the media he said that it was his first visit to school after he left, though he had once come to Shimla in 1980 for a brief visit. He advised the present generation to act with justice for the development of a harmonious society.

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