HPSEB constitutes a penal to probe fire in 120- mega watt power project


    By:Mohan Lal Verma

    Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board constituted a high level probe penal today to find out the cause of fire mishap that occurred in 120 mega watt at Sanjay Jal Vidyut Hydro Power Project at Bhawanagar in Kinnuar district of Himachal Pradesh yesterday.

    Mr. Anurag Prasher the spokesperson of HPSEB has confirmed that a committee to be presided over by a Chief Engineer has been constituted to find out the cause of fire in the project.

    He said that preliminary estimates a project loss of Rupees five to six crore to the state electricity board which owned this 120 mega watt power project that has been shut down after the mishap.

    He also said that the transformer that caught fire at early hours was put off at 0700 hrs this morning after 48 hours of long combating operation. This project  was generating about 40-mega watt power to the areas where water bodies usually freeze on the higher reaches during winter months.

    It is worthwhile to mentioned here that transformer that got destroyed in the fire was repaired on January 16, 2015 and the board has incurred loss of hundred of crores as project generation has been shut down for indefinite period.

    The project has been partly damaged due to fire but the other units are in perfect condition and likely to come in generation with rolling down of safer units.

    State Electricity Board currently has a generation capacity of 501 Mega Watt and owns five projects in the state including 126-mega watt Larji Power Project in Mandi district, 120-mega watt project Sanjay Power Project at Bhawanagar in Kinnnaur, 66-mega watt project at Bassi in Mandi and 60-mega watt project of Giri in Sirmaur and 89-mega watt at Andhra in Rohru.

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