Supreme Court orders status quo in Parent Teacher Association teacher’s case



By:Mohan Lal Verma

Supreme court has passed an order to maintain ‘status-quo’ in regularization of teachers appointed on basis of PAT (Parent Teacher Association), PARA (Parent Association Rural Appointment), PAT (Primary Assistant Teachers) and Vidaya Upasaks, schemes in the hill state.

Special Leave Appeal (SLA) petition was moved by some unemployed youth association against the state and associations of teachers as the state high court had upheld the above appointments.

The matter today came for hearing  before the division bench of apex court comprising of Mr. Justice Vikramajit Sen and Mr. Justice Nagappan who ordered the respondent state of Himachal Pradesh to file its reply before the bench with in six weeks meanwhile parties have to maintain status quo till further orders to the contrary.

Challenging impugned judgment and orders passed by Himachal Pradesh High Court on Dec 09, 2014, petitioner Mr. Pankaj Kumar (from Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh who heads an unemployed youth association) has moved to apex court recently after filing SLA against the state of Himachal Pradesh and others.

The petitions seeking to set-aside a foresaid judgment the order was represented by the noted lawyer Mr. Prashant Bhushan and Advocate Mr. Govind Jee in the supreme court.

The counsel for state and the respondents, Mr. Vinod Sharma also had filed a caveat on behalf of respondents (Number 9 to  15) who also accepted notice on the behalf of its party in the court today.

The state appointed as many as 6300 PTA teachers under ‘grand- in- aide’ rule on Jun 29, 2006 to fill up vacant posts but they had not been given regular appointments by successive rule in the state. Earlier in year 2003-04 the Congress rule also appointed about 1800 PARA teachers to fill up the functional vacant posts.

To eliminate the vacancy of primary standard government teachers Congress and BJP also appointed PAT and Vidaya Upasak teachers in the state. State government was currently following the recruitment drive of School Management Committee to overcome shortage of teachers in the state run schools. The state cabinet has decided to issue a contract appointment to all PTA teachers who have completed seven years in the service meanwhile it has regularized PARA, PAT and Vidaya Upasak teachers.



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