Fire breaks out at Sanjay Vidyut Power Project at Bhawanagar in Kinnaur



    By: Mohan Lal Verma

    Fire broke out after 120-mega watt transformer blasted at Sanjay Vidyut Power Project at Bhawanager in Kinnuar district early this morning.

    Mr. Bhupal Singh Chauhan, state fire officer told Himvani that “ since the transformer was huge with oil capacity of 25,000 litres so it was very difficult to get the situation under control”.

    Terming it the longest fire combating operation in the state Mr. Chahuan also said that four fire tenders one each from Rampur, Recong-Peo, Shimla and CISF at Nathpa Jakhari were engaged in the  operation put it was not easy to get the fire under control. However the fire department had used 1200 litre foam to reduce the fire impact on the transformer but the danger is still looming and it can burst again as the fuel takes many hours to burn down completely.

    About 20 fire fighters of fire department and CISF were being deployed in the operation and three fire officers one each from Shimla, Kinnaur and Rampur were taking care of the whole operation. Efforts have been made to stop the fire from spreading to other transformer in the line of fire and after reducing the impact of inferno inside the tunnel the project has been completely shut down.

    “This is third such mishap in the region as earlier a similar incident had happened at Industrial hub Baddi and Haryana. From the previous incidents we have learnt that transformer with such a huge capacity cannot douse down in the deep water as discharge of oil comes up on surface quickly therefore foam was being used along with water cannon to bring it under control’’ a fire officer told himvani.

    Three employees of Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board have sustained burn injuries in the accident as they were trapped inside the power project when the fire broke out. The injured were immediately rushed to Rampur hospital and fire tenders were sent to the spot to put fire under control. The project has been shut down for the moment and the loss caused in the fire is yet to be evaluated.


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