Virbhadra Singh is suffering of opposition phobia says Dhumal


By: Mohan Lal Verma

The Leader of Opposition in Himachal Pradesh Assembly and former Chief Minister Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal today made another scathing attack on the incumbent Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh alleging that latter is suffering of  opposition phobia. Mr Dhumal also accused Chief minister for losing control on his tongue and forgetting of facts.

It is pertinent to state here that six times Chief Minister stated in a public meeting yesterday that he has no grudge against his perpetrators for their misdeeds however he is not indulged in any political vendetta (indicating towards statements made by leader of opposition and some ruling party members recently).

Charging the Chief Minister to shun his past after accusing him to burn ‘Gazetteer of Shimla’ former Chief minister argued that how  Mr.Singh is now making toll claims of his 122-generation royal family lineage. Mr. Dhumal also alleged that Mr. Singh wanted to hide something from Shimla Hills 1910 Gazettee and therefore it was being put on fire for a reason.

Condemning Mr.Singh for making false claims of development Mr. Dhumal pointed out that the degree college in Hamirpur was set up during Punjab times and similarly Sainik School, Sujanpur was set up during BJP rule in the state the credit that Mr. Singh was trying to take during one of his speeches.

He also added that Hamirpur Regional Engineering College was given the status of National Institute of Engineering Technology during BJP in the state and NDA rule in the centre.

Responding to Mr. Singh’s remarks to write his biography over political treason and expose people hatching conspiracy against him, Mr. Dhumal responded to all the allegations of Mr. Singh made during a public meeting and said that people are still looking forward to the answer for burning of revenue gazette and those who have hated Punjab are now trying to make personal relations there (engagement of Chief Ministers daughter to Amarinder Singh’s son).


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