Deputy Mayor condemns the forest Department to not allow monkey scares


By: Mohan Lal Verma

CPI(M) state leader and Deputy Mayor of Shimla Mr.Tekinder Panwar today come down heavily over the state forest department for not allowing the Municipal Corporation Authority to install Monkey scares within its limits as the Raj day civic body is toiling hard to curb the menace threatening the society at large.

” I am completely shocked at the dilly-dallying tactics of the Forest Department for not allowing installation of the machine, which scares away monkeys with in an area of 1000 sq. feet.”  Mr. Panwar said in a letter addressed to the department here today.

He said that recommendations have been made by the former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Himachal Pradesh on 6th January 2015 asking the Municipal Corporation to find out suitable place for installation of such a machine. He said that proposal was made with the Municipal Corporation Authority but the company has not shown any interest for temporary solution to scare away monkeys in 1000 square feet area.

Deputy mayor said that the proposal had been tested, tried and then established before it was being sent to the Department that requires a place to install a machine, which could produces ultra sonic sound waves to irritate primate’s species.

Puting the ball in court of new officer the Deputy Mayor said that the officer needs to explain the pertinent query in public interest and especially the suffering victims. The Raj day town is in a grip of deep monkey menace, which calls for profound action by all the stakeholders and agencies involved. There have to be varied solutions for the present menace of the monkeys. He revealed that more than 200 monkey bites cases are pouring in the hospital and it really requires an urgent and comprehensive intervention

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  1. This authoritarian response of the Forest Department by not allowing to install the machine is genuinely worth condemning by one and all. Rather I would suggest that such Monkey scaring machines should be set up at all places where the Monkey menace is increasing day by day .

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