A Himachal Pradesh scientist is invited to lay papers on limitations of Einstein


    By:Mohan Lal Verma

    Ajay Sharma, Assistant Director Education Himachal Pradesh has been invited by Professor Muhammad Sharif to present his paper in International Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics celebrating 100 Years of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

    This conference is being organized at Department of Physics, Punjab University, and Quiad -e-Azam-Campus at Lahore between 10-14 January 2015. In this conference Ajay Sharma will highlight the limitations of Einstein’s September 1905 paper in which Einstein has derived famous equation E=mc2 which is now globally used.

    Ajay Sharma has raised untouched issues of Einstein’s paper. Government of Pakistan and its sponsors will meet all the expenses and the research paper will be published in the proceedings.

    Editor of the German journal Annalen Der Physik has published Einstein’s paper in 1905 dealing with E=mc2, without approval of scientists. So virtually it is free hit by Einstein. The scientific community is unaware of the fact. When the contents of paper are critically analyzed, then it emerges to be prospective paper for generalization.

    Further equation E=mc2 was firstly stated about two years before Einstein by Italian businessman Olito De Pretto and published twice in Italian journals. Soon Pretto was then shot dead in a business rivalry.

    Einstein has provided one-sided discussion in the paper. Thus derivation of E=mc2 is true only under special conditions. If the derivation is generalized then incorrect or absurd results also emerge. For example (prediction of Einstein’s derivation). Thus Ajay Sharma’s paper is capable of changing the basic nuclear, particle and other branches of Physics. Ajay Sharma had generalized Einstein’s equation as dE=Ac2dm. Thus Ajay Sharma’s equation is basic equation and is a generalized equation and Einstein’s equation is special case of it.

    All these issued have been endorsed and authored by Mr. Sharma in the book ‘BEYOND EINSTEIN’ AND E=Mc2 is being published by English Cambridge International Science Publishers, Cambridge England. The first book print is due in January 2015.

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