Five things to do in Shimla



By:Meetanjali Sood Kalra

Unlike any other hill station in India, and for anybody who comes here remembers the town of for its natural beauty and clean fresh air, the aura of which can be felt here throughout the year. This place has always attracted trekkers, photographers and honeymooners with an ever smiling and welcoming temperament.

The ‘Queen of Hills’ is a gateway to distinct and varied cultures and has all the well-developed facilities, several activities and attractions in its proximity. One thing is for sure that anybody who visits this town can never fall short of things to do here.

The town happens to be a photographer’s rapture and one such location for landscape photography is the forest Catchment Area as that  happens to be the only reserved sanctuary in Shimla. Although the floor remains wet throughout the year yet it is one of the best forest spots as it has all the natural ingredients to allure everybody.

The cloud-dipping valley of Shali Tibba that starts from Khatnol beyond Mashobra is one good option for trekkers to explore. Shali Tibba stands at a height of 3126 meters and is covered by thick vegetation on both sides. The entire journey of six kilometers can be completed in a day but staying overnight makes the trek more interesting if one has some arrangement of tents and food. There is a small temple of Maa Kali on the cliff and the entire view from the hilltop is so magnificent that it compels one to come here again and again.

There are some good places to eat out where one can enjoy all kind of local pahari cuisines, authentic Chinese or Punjabi food. No visit to Shimla is complete without not dropping for a meal at Malooks in middle bazaar. After spending long hours strolling on the Mall Road this restaurant has an extensive menu of Chinese, Continental and Tibetan fare for those grumbling tummies and that too at reasonable prices

Another good option for those who prefer to sit and relax then Buddy’s is just the right place. Located amid thicket of deodar tress this small eating joint at Navbahar is the best place to hang out and is a treat for all your senses. Buddy’s beats all other eateries in the town as it not only has a smoothing ambience but serves the quickest bites like noodles, masala teas and stuffed paranthas or any continental delicacy with in no time.

When one thinks of traveling to Himachal, a visit to a monastery is must even if one is not deeply religious. One such monastery is the Thupten Dorje Drak Monastery at Panthaghati, which is one of the biggest monasteries of the Nyingma School. His Highness Kyabje Taklung Tsetrual Rinpoche who is the head of Dorje Drak monasteries in India decided to set up this temple at Shimla after he migrated from Tibet in 1959. The Solid Square and rectangular structure of the monastery is a perfect example of Buddhist architecture in the Himalayan Region. The popular Hemis festival of Tibet is celebrated here every year during the month of May in the honor of Guru Padmasambhava.







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