Winter session of ice skating starts at Shimla


    By: Mohan Lal Verma

    The history of Shimla Ice Skating Club goes back to the 1920. Apart from hosting many sessions of winter carnivals and sports the club is also affiliated with Ice Skating Association of India, Winter Games Federation of India and Himachal Pradesh Winter Games association.

    The ice skating rink located near Lakkar Bazaar in the state capital town has got ready for yet another season of winter carnival.The skating club generally holds two sessions one in the morning and another in the evening but that again depends on the formation of ice.

    Bhuvnesh Banga, secretary of Shimla skating club confirmed, “ The skating rink is all ready to start its first winter session. The club authorities had been sprinkling water on the clay ground of the open-air rink that later on freezes under natural conditions in the night but  this year the skating games had been delayed due to lack of natural ice formation but we found a natural coating of thick ice for the first time on friday night. As the Meteorogical office has predicted mainly clear sky till December 31st and so we can predict a fall in the night temperature in the coming days”


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