BJP opposes joint-front slogan of all trade unions by CPI(M)


By : Mohan Verma

State Unit of BJP opposed the joint front move of all trades unions terming the such statement made by CPI(M) laughable on Monday.

BJP state committee statement released said that any such move and slogan by the left leaders are to befool the people as slogan of Shramaiv Jaitay (labour lead to victory) is laughable one.

Defending its rule at centre it alleged that there was indeed no tandem between ‘workers and industrialists’ during last UPA rule as the pace of development was on virtual halt but as incumbent Narendra Kumar Modi government is at centre to end prevailing dichotomy accelerating pace development in the country, statement said.

Hitting CPI(M) Mayor of Shimla Muncipal Corporation Mr. Sanjay Chauhan and Deputy Mayor Mr. Tekinder Singh Panwar, saffron party alleged that instead of concentrating on development fronts in the town both were turning riders to various developmental works.

“Not a single promise made in CPI(M) manifesto released before MC Shimla poll were fulfilled yet,” BJP leader charged in the statement.

State party leadership also said that CPM leaders seemed helpless to do away with unit area method (imposed by BJP and Congress dominated Shimla MC in 2011-12) alleging to take U turn on the issue now.

BJP leaders said that despite it was widely opposed by left unions and it was one of key promise in its manifesto in MC Shimla elections.

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