Water ATM out of order on the Ridge : Shimla


By : Mohan Verma

First of its kind water ATM at Ridge is out of order for last five days, forcing about 400 ATM holders to render post to pillar to have drinkable water.

We are purchasing mineral water bottles as ATM is out of order for last five days as it had developed some snag recently, Ramesh Chand one of the ATM card holder who draw water daily from the outlets told media.

Deputy Mayor Shimla, Tekinder Singh told media that ATM was dedicated to the people two and half month ago but the firm offering this services could not maintain it as it was out of order and people were registering complaints with the MC.

MC would act against the firm as it remained fulfill its obligations accepted in the job contract. Moreover, MC was giving round the clock free supply of drinking water on Ridge near the ATM as people could also use it as it was properly treated.

The ATM was dedicated to the people by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on July 28, 2014 at historical Ridge ground to provide filter water with nominal price to tourists and local people.

The ATM run by IPH (public health department) function like payment pattern on metro as ATM card get issue to the applicants after receiving payment near the water quask.

Filtered water disbursed in bottle and big containers is to be charged Rs. 0.50 per liter.

This district witness footfall of more than 30 lakh tourists every year and can be benefited with creation of such capacity building scheme.


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