Post-monsoon showers further bring down mercury in Himachal


By : Mohan Verma

Post-monsoon showers lashed this hill state in last 24 hours and brought down mercury substantially as it recorded decline of three to four degrees in the minimum temperature.

Headquarters of tribal Lahaul-Spiti district, Keylong was coldest of the season in the state as it recorded low at 5 degrees, down by 3.5 degrees of yesterday.

Regional headquarters of Kinnaur, Kalpa was low at 6.4 degrees, down by 2 degrees, Dalhousie experienced 26 mm rainfall and recorded low at 6.6 degrees, a down by 5.7 degrees of yesterday, Shimla town recorded rainfall of about 10 mm this afternoon and was low by 10 degrees, which was a down by 3.7 degrees of yesterday.

Nahan in Sirmaur district got 10 mm rainfall and was low at 13 degrees, 3 degrees down of yesterday, it was 14 degrees each at Sundernagar in Mandi district and Bhuntar in Kullu district which received 5.7 mm and 10 mm rain respectively, Palampur in Kangra district got 20 mm and Chamba 14 mm rainfall respectively.

Minimum temperature of Abode of Tibetan Spiritual leader Dalai Lama, Dharamshala, Kangra and Una was at 15 degrees each and experienced 21 mm, 11.6 mm and 33 rainfall respectively.

Mandi town was low at 18 degrees and got 10 mm rainfall. Hamirpur and Bilaspur was 19 degrees each and got 1 mm and 11 mm rainfall, respectively.

The Met office said that Mehre in Kangra district had 38 mm rainfall which was highest in the state followed by Bhandal 30 mm, Gohar in Mandi district and Bangana in Una district 25 mm each, Kalatop in Shimla 19 mm, Kheri in Kullu district 14 mm each, Jogindernagar in Mandi district 13 mm, Seobagh in Kullu district 12 mm each.

The Met. office forecast more rain in the middle hills, however, the weather will remain maimainly dry weather in rest of the state.

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