Himachal High Court bans animal sacrifice in religious places


By : Mohan Verma

Passing strong stricture against the prevailing system of numerous animal sacrifice in the religious places in the state, Himachal Pradesh High Court ordered to impose ban strictly on the menace being created in the name of religious faith in this hill state.

Passing an order about the matter, division bench of Himachal Pradesh High Court comprising of Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Sureshwar Thakur ordered to hear the matter on priority after passing order
against the prevailing system on August 19, 2014, copy of order supplied to media said on Monday.

Taking strong note of the unchecked sacrifice of animals in the shrines and religious places the bench observed that, “We have gone through the pleadings carefully as a question of great public importance has been raised in these petitions.”

“A startling revelation has been made the manner in which thousands of animals are sacrificed every year in the name of religious worship. Sacrifice causes immense pain and suffering to the innocent animals,” Bench said in short one page order.

It further said that innocent animals could not be permitted to be sacrificed to appease the God or deity in a barbaric manner. Compassion is basic tenets in all the religions. The practice of animal sacrifice is a social evil and is required to be curbed. The bench said that petitioners have also attached photograph with the petition which had shocked them on the manner in which animal sacrifice is executed in the name of religion.

“It is in grey area whether the animals sacrifice can be termed as religious practice or not. The faith, ritualistic worship and its continuation must change in modern era. People are required to be sensitized on this issue by the state government,” order highlighted.

The order said that reply filed on behalf of respondents accepted that animal sacrifice is being performed in some temples of Nirmand and Anni area of Kullu district.

In district Mandi, the devotees on the eve of Ashtmi and other religious occasion in the temples, i.e. God Dev, Kamru Nag, Kamaksha and other temples sacrifice goats.

In some temples in the jurisdiction of police stations, Rampur, Rohru, Kotkhai, Jhakri and Chirgaon sheep and goats are offered to the Devta by the people of local villages.

In Shillai area of district Sirmaur, goats and sheep are slaughtered during festival season.

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