Cloud burst & heavy rainfall disrupts life in Himachal


By : Mohan Verma

South-west monsoon was vigorously active in few parts of the state. The cloud burst and heavy rainfall in last 24 hours has disrupted the vehicular traffic, submerging localities in the water and slush.

Former Health Minister and Member of Assembly from Nahan Dr. Rajiv Bindal told media that cloud burst occurred on the intervening night of August 6 and 7, which has caused massive loss to the property in three villages namely Shambhuwala, Bohnia and Karvari under Bankalanand Sitwala gram panchayat.

He said that long part of National Highway-72 in between Khujrana Bridge to Katasana Mata temple was washed away in the flash flood triggered by the cloud burst.

Expressing the shock over catastrophe occurred in the region Mr. Bindal said that Shambhuwala market and village was submerged in four feet thick slush and muck. Many houses developed cracks and belongings of
people have been damaged in the flash flood.

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ML Verma is a Senior journalist, with more than a decade of experience of active reporting for electronic media, news agencies and fast paced online media.

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  1. Hi, I am regular reader of the links you send on email. Just wanted to bring to your notice that  in the new item “Cloud burst & heavy rainfall disrupts life in Himachal” on August 8, 2014. It is really difficult to judge the location/area of cloud burst.

    I don’t know where three villages namely Shambhuwala, Bohnia and Karvari under Bankalanand Sitwala gram panchayat are located. And also no idea about National Highway-72.

    In such  a situation the purpose of the providing information is defeated.

    Atul Mahajan
    Himachal Pradesh.

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