5 new tunnels, more parking lots and ropeways to transform Shimla



    Dhingu temple, Jakhu temple, Sankat Mochan, Tara Devi and Kamna temple would be connected by a ropeway, while five new tunnels would be constructed in Shimla, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh announced.

    The Chief Minsiter, while presiding over the first meeting of State level Steering Committee in Shimla on June 22, said that the State Government had prepared a detailed Vision Document for implementation of Rs. 1500 crore Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission for the development and infrastructure building of the capital town Shimla besides maintenance of best civic amenities and other systems required for upholding the heritage status of the historical town.

    As per the mission, atleast five new tunnels would be constructed in Shimla for smooth movement of vehicular traffic in the town besides widening the existing major and arterial roads, bye passes to accommodate the increased influx of the vehicles. The CM said that while Sanjauli bye pass was under construction, Kufri Panthaghati-Taradevi, Tutu-Kuftadhar-Naldehra, Ghannahatti-Jubbarhatti-Shoghi bye-pass would be constructed in the next phase. The nallahs of the town would also be channelized and beautification of the town carried out. More tourist spots would be developed and possibilities to adopt alternate means of communication like cable cars, ropeways and monorails would be explored. He said that overhead bridges and subways would also be constructed for the convenience of the pedestrians.

    Mr Virbhadra Singh announced that a proposal for the construction of ropeways from Dhingu Temple to Jakhoo Temple, Jakhoo Temple to Sankat Mochan via Ladies Park and Bus Stand, Sankat Mochan to Taradevi and Tara Devi to Kamna Devi temple, had been mooted out. The existing airport at Jubbarhatti would also be expanded to accommodate landing of bigger planes, under the programme.

    Chief Minister said that the bigger commercial complexes were likely to be shifted to more convenient locations with a view to help them function more conveniently in a phased manner besides constructing more parking lots in and around Shimla town. He said that more elevators connecting the Mall would also be constructed besides construction of solid waste management plant.

    He said that all measures to decongest the town and develop modern townships fully equipped with all the required facilities to cater to the needs of the inhabitants were being planned.

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    1. Unless you dream, you cannot prosper – that is what we have been taught over the years. One who does not dream is more of an animal than a man because dreams are what makes our lives interesting and worth living for. Dreams of the future act as the hidden power that propels people to higher levels of achievement – it is natural for the youngster to have an idol in front of him, a person who he tries to emulate. The idol would really be a person who has made a deep impression in his life – like all aspiring cricketers want to be another Tendulkar or all singers want to be another Mukesh or Asha. Even though they may never have been in contact with each other, there is an unseen bond that develops. It is a one sided affair no doubt, like the bond that existed between Ekalavya and Dronacharya. But then, there is no harm in dreaming.

      Like the dreams of owning crores if the lottery ticket contains all the digits required for the jackpot. We hear about such things happening, movies that use this theme rake in millions for their producers. And, those who go to enjoy the frolics of the sudden millionaire come out of the movie hall, more depressed and thoughtful than when he went in. If someone had put up a stall for selling tickets just outside the cinema hall, he would have done roaring business.

      Politicians love to show us dreams of a beautiful, bountiful country where poverty does not exist, where there are no illiterates, where epidemics are unheard of, where starvation is a non-existent word. The movies of the day help them in their mission by showing the youngsters frolicking and hobnobbing in exotic foreign locales with not a thought for expenses. All of them have rich parents, all of them have huge assets, and all of them live in luxury. They fly to far-off destinations in the twinkling of an eye and they do not need to carry any luggage. Such situations are difficult to visualize but then dreams are like that; once you wake up to reality you sigh and pick up the threads of the incomplete work at hand.

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