Unemployment figures piles up to 10.12 lakh in Himachal


By : Mohan Verma

Unemployment and under-employment continues to be the major area of concern before the successive government in this hill state, which also reflect dismal performance on the key front as its figure of unemployed people piled up to 10,12,602 in finical year 2013-14, compared to 8,61,314 of corresponding year 2012-13, data circulated by Department of Economics and Statistics of Himachal Pradesh revealed.

The employment continue to be the grey area in the governance of this government as force of 2,77,903 came forward to register them with various employment centers during the year 2013-14, compared to 1,68,779 of corresponding years.

Showing apathy of responsible have mandate to provide employment avenues figures present unpromising state of affairs as compare to enrollment for employment, placement is negligible and negligent process in the state.

Compared to 2,77,903 new job seekers last year, state could achieve placement target of 715 persons in the state sector, while it is 7770 in private that of 1083 and 10,226 respectively in corresponding year 2012-13.

Kangra happens to be the district having highest number of unemployed, that is 2,28,420 followed by Mandi which have registered 2,07,667 and followed by Shimla 96,263.

Employment exchange had enrolled 18,274 new unemployed piling up the total number to 57,675, Chamba 19,808 and 64,953, Hamirpur 22,443 and 87,087, Kinnaur 2,913 and 8,202, Kullu 15,862 and 65,149, Lahaul & Spiti 1,538 and 3,733, Sirmaur 25,588 and 5,99,997, Solan 17,142 and 65,314, Una 18,556 and 68,142 respectively.

Showing complacency of state sector it revealed that despite notifying 1,824 vacancies during year 2012-13 only 1,083 could be recruited subsequently it is 3,611 and 2,166 respectively in subsequently next year 2013-14.

Figure shows that department could identify 3,787 private jobs in 2012-13 against recruitment of 10,226 candidates while it is 2,166 and 7,770 respectively in next years.

Figure says that not a single general candidate got placement in economically backward Sirmaur district in government job and in Kullu district respectively this year, though department had notified 147 vacant posts in the state sector at Sirmaur and 15 in Kullu district respectively.

Under provisions of special employment exchange for physically handicapped having registered not a single candidate got job avenue to 57 candidates in government sector against notified vacant post of 162.

The figure attributed to Directorate of Labour Employment and Training Department of Himachal said that with help of job fair 4218 candidates got placement in the private sector.

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