Himachal Assembly soon to turn paper-free


By : Mohan Verma

The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly would become paper-free as all the 68 members of the House will now work on specially designed gadgets which had been attached with the desk of each member.

Assembly Speaker Brij Behari lal Butail informed media persons while conducting one day training program for journalists in the main chamber of historic Kennedy House on Monday.

No other state assembly have such arrangement. All the desk of members had been connected with E-Vidhan Sabha containing all the proceedings of House, including question hours on a laptop which is linked with Vidhan Sabha servers.

All the queries and report of the committee would be provided in form of E-Reports to all the user ID’s of Vidhan Sabha members, concern department and now media onwards which could be accessed in newly designed software.

Rs. 8.12 crore project is being implemented by Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, National Informatics Center and Himachal Pradesh government.

The project enshrined as E-Vidhan Project was approved by Electronics and Information Technology Department of the Union Government. It would not only make the Vidhan Sabha proceeding online, but completely run the House on electronic system making communication with all state department fully on intra network system.

Mr. Butail said it would not only reduce the use of paper but it would be expected to reduce the financial burden of Rs. 10 to 15 crore per annum.

According to estimates, it would reduce the green felling of 6,000 trees, which could be emulated by other disciplined Assembly especially in small states.

Each gadget would cost to about Rs. 40,000 and has been inserted in the cabinet of the House which is immovable, the touch screen laptops could make the member to write and read the statement.

Meanwhile, the project would also provide the facility of E-Voting to avoid the time management. On the permission of Chair, the members could highlight their issues with help of photograph and video clippings to elaborate on the issue.

Speaker said such video clippings would be made available to the media according to the rule of the assembly.

The project is attached with video conferencing facility which is fully hi-tech.

Similar training would be given to the member of House so that they could use the gadget with accuracy and pace.

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