Congress slams Modi rule for propose hike of sugar


By : Mohan Verma

The Himachal Pradesh Congress president, Thakur Sukhwinder Singh, yesterday slammed the Narendra Modi government for the proposed hike in the price of sugar which would hit the common man badly. He alleged that Modi had already started repaying the corporate lobby which had funded his party’s election campaign.

While addressing the media persons at electricity rest house Jawalamukhi, Thakur said coming closely on the hike in rail fare, the hike in sugar price would be too bitter a pill to be swallowed by the common people who had been misled into voting for Modi by selling them the false dream of “Achhe Din Aayiangay”.

He said the BJP government was following those very policies for which it had been attacking the UPA government for being anti-people and having failed to control unbridled inflation.

“There is no indication that the Modi government has some original road map for the common man which can lead to the dreamland about which illusion had been created during the election campaign”, he added.

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