Rajiv Bindal condemns reduction of MBBS seats in medical colleges


By : Mohan Verma

Former health minister Rajiv Bindal yesterday condemned the reduction in number of MBBS seats in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla and Dr. Rajinder Prasad Medical College Tanda in Kangra district.

In a press statement issued, Mr. Bindal alleged that former Dhumal’s government worked hard to increase number of MBBS seats from 65 each to 100 but now MCI has reduced it to 115 from 200.

Mr. Bindal who is party general secretary and member of legislative assembly from Nahan in Sirmaur district alleged that it is a matter of grave concern that progress made in last five years were brought to ground zero in health services.

Blaming the negligence of incumbent Congress rule responsible for this, former health minister alleged that after creating such situation, present government is trying to put its entire burden on former government to misled the people.

“In order to increase the MBBS seats, former BJP rule had followed all conditions imposed by Medical Council of India and it was increased as after facilities in both medical colleges had elevated to the MCI norms,” Mr. Bindal argued.

MCI is autonomous body and blaming Narinder Kumar Modi government for the same is not justified as after following MCI norms these seats were increased during last BJP rule, which are being flouted under Virbhadra’s government.

He alleged that before reducing the seats in both medical colleges, MCI had raised the shortcomings in both the colleges. Seats could be retained to 200 in the state if government had been acted on time overcoming shortcomings found by the MCI.

It was the efforts of last Dhumal’s government that MS (Master of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) seats at IGMC were only 39 since 1974, which were increased from 39 to 149 in both medical colleges and 4 seats for super specialty courses was also created.

“Mr. Singh’s government was not able to increase even a single seat of PG’s while introduction of super specialty courses remained in limbo.” Mr. Bindal said.

Cordoning the Congress rule terming it fully guilty for the present state of medical education affairs, he alleged that present government came to power with rhetoric that it would increase MBBS seats from 200
to 400 but could not retain 200 seats, which are now reduced to 115.

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