CPI(M) to bring SLDC under ambit of HC suo moto


By : Mohan Verma

State unit of CPI(M) seeks to bring HP State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) under ambit of ‘suo moto action’ taken by Himachal Pradesh High Court into recent killing of 25 students after the release of water in Beas by Larji power project.

Hailing the action taken by HC, state secretariat member of party Tekinder Panwar said that SLDC had order to release water into the river is equally responsible for mishap as the body asked the HPSEB to shed the production immediately.

He argued that SLDC did not asked private power producers to stop production but ordered Larji a public sector company for a complete shutdown, which caused the mishap in downstream.

“We highly appreciate the suo-moto cognizance taken by high court. However, there is another feature that has not been taken into consideration, requires attention and intervention to affix negligence of those responsible for allowing the water to spill over from Larji Dam, party statement released said.

He pointed out that the moot questions arises that the water was allowed to spill over when there were no flash floods or cloud bursts up stream. The Larji management has also stated that it was not a regular exercise of de-silting. Then why is it that the generation was shut in Larji and the water was allowed to spill over.

Left leader said that on the fateful day there was over production of electricity taking place and the frequency of the National grid had nearly reached 51 which would have collapsed the grid. Hence, the state was asked to reduce the production from Himachal.

The share of less production could have been borne by many power producers including the public sector and private companies. But, the HP State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) which is responsible to shed the load asked none of the private power producers to stop production but asked Larji a public Sector company for a complete shutdown, he asked.

Party alleged that there have been taken severe indication of the officials of SLDC who are allegedly bribed by private sector. Each of the private and public sector companies could have been asked to at least shut one turbine out of 3 in their respective establishments and the desired result could have been achieved.

The SLDC instead, asked the Larji project for a complete shutdown because of which the Larji dam which is not a large one and is with ‘run of the river dam’ technology could not bear the excess water and it spilled over the dam leading to the washing of 25 people.

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